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NYS Handball Hall Of Fame Tournament – Bastidas to be inducted into Hall Of Fame –  Hall Worthy.



Photo by Gisele Duprez

We are not members of the NYS Handball HOF Committee, and we are not eligible to cast a ballot in this year’s Hall of Fame voting. But, like many of you, we have known whose names we would like to be added to this famous induction list.

With the results of this year’s vote, Tyree Bastidas was unanimously nominated to be inducted in the oldest and most prestigious Handball Hall of Fame tournament in America.

Tyree Bastidas will become the youngest handball player to be inducted into the Hall on March 22, 2014.

Come to the NYS HOF handball tournament and celebrate with Tyree Bastidas, the most decorated handball player in America.

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Burt Kossoff  43th Annual New York Athletic Club Invitational & WPH R48Pro III #4 Handball Tournament – draws the biggest participation and the best players of the game – 10 good reasons to play in NY.






Joe Kaplan and Tyree Bastidas will be representing the NYAC again on February 27.                                                                                          Photo by USHA


The prestigious NYAC announced a WPH Pro stop to be held in the last week of February 2014 and as soon as it was announced in conjunction with the WPH handball organization, players rushed to register for it.

The men’s open division already had 15 players by the first week of January, and combined with the women's division it drew the best players around the world. Why did players rush to register for this event?

There are several reasons for it:

1 -Most players around the country don’t get to play 4-wall in NY every year.

2 – The prize money awards are one of the best in the current WPH race4eight tour.

3 –There were only16 qualifier openings. Later on it was expanded due to popular demand.

4 – USHA current 4-wall champs were playing: T. Bastidas, N. Nahorniack and P. Brady.

5 – The NYAC always run top quality events to include the Saturday night Banquet.

6 - It’s the only tournament where 4-wall players are usually outnumbered by 1-wall players.

7 – The women division brings the best of Ireland, Canada and other states.

8 – The tournament is held in one of the oldest and most prestigious Clubs in America.

9 – Players have the convenience of staying at the Club throughout the weekend.

10 – It’s the springboard tourney to partner-up and plan ahead for other tourneys.

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Best WPH Pro stop on the East Coast 

USHA Annual Awards Dinner – Honoring the best players of the game.






Photo by USHA

The 1-wall Awards Dinner hosted by the 1-Wall Handball Committe in conjunction with the United States Handball Association will take place at the Elks Lodge in Queens on Saturday, March 29, 2014.

As in the past, the celebration will start with Pro Exhibition games followed by a Buffet to honor the best players of the game.

This year the handball community will also have the rare opportunity to celebrate and honor one of the best women players of the game: Gladys Miranda. She will be the recipient of the “Legend’s Award”

Handball fans and players will also have the convenience to buy their tickets online through the Association.

To purchase a ticket and reserve your spot, CLICK HERE>>>>.

Honoring the 2013 Players of the Year:

Men's Small Ball: Tyree Bastidas
Men's Big Ball: Timothy Gonzalez
Boy's Small Ball: Robert Lee
Girl's Big Ball: Dana Ruzachova

Legend’s Award: Gladys Miranda



33rd Annual Long Island Open – Court’s in session - an inside look at the end of the day.





The Long Island Open tournament has been positioning itself among the best tournaments in the Northeast in the past decade. This year players from at least six states came down to play in various divisions, including the open.

Useless facts:

The tournament averages around 100 players per year.

It’s the only 4-wall tournament in the Northeast that offers small and big ball open competition.


Jon Sese has been the only winner of the men’s open big ball (singles).

Danielle Daskalakis is the only player to have won the women’s open (singles) with the small and big ball.                                                         National champions to have played in the LIO: Eric Klarman, John Bike Jr, Albert Apuzzi, Ken Ginty, Kendell Lewis, Robert Sostre, Tony Roberts and Paul Williams etc.

Tyree Bastidas’ brush with success – 1-waller encourages handball players to play all three handball versions.






Tyree Bastidas has always encouraged players to play all three handball versions. It’s the most successful strategy to become a great player in the handball sport.

It’s a fact, one doesn’t need to play more than one handball version to be recognized in the association, but the opportunities to set new records by playing all three versions are unlimited.

People sometimes wonder how Bastidas has managed to brake and establish so many records in such a short amount of time. The answer is clear; he played all three handball versions and never missed the opportunities ahead of him.

Tyree Bastidas wasn’t born into a handball family, and wasn’t born a handball prodigy either. He started from scratch like most people and worked hard to become the youngest member of the Elite Greatest-All Around Player’s Club.

One of his greatest accomplishments: He won a national title in every handball code in the same year, in either; juniors or open divisions. He became the only player to accomplish this feat.

Blending the Past and the Present.

For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the only USHA National (big ball) 1-wall junior champion to have won the USHA National 1-wall (small ball), men's open singles title