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Best player of the 21 century– Bastidas vs Brady – Bastidas the superior player.






Tyree Bastidas, fresh from his 3-wall national victory is back in action to battle through the 1-wall nationals on his way to his coronation.                  Photo by Bill Fand.


Even the least informed handball fan knows this much: Tyree Bastidas is awesome.

Bastidas was unquestionable the world’s best player in 2013. And one look at his achievements next to those of Brady is all that’s needed in order to know just how much better Bastidas is than Brady.

Bastidas set a new record for the Association as he became the only player in America Handball history to win all singles summer titles in the same year. He even pushed himself further by winning a national open title in every handball version (1-, 3- & 4-wall) during the same year.

Brady’s accomplishment was good, but not good enough to topple Tyree’s. In this case, the statistics don’t lie. Bastidas was superior.

We don’t really like to compare Bastidas and Brady as other Message Boards and forums do. We believe Mr. Brady should be compared only to 4-wall players, as it’s the only handball version where he excels and wins

Bastidas is in a different league (All-Around Greatest Players), and as such, the comparison of both players clearly becomes irrelevant and not fair to Mr. Brady. This is perhaps the main reason why Paul has not been able to succeed in World Wide Web (w.w.w.) handball polls as much as Tyree has.

During the past five years, the handball community has voted for Tyree’s achievements as the best the most times. Not because he is a 1-wall player, but because he goes out of his way to distinguish himself from the rest and by dominating in all three handball versions.

We still have 86 years to go for other handball players to shine, but for now Tyree rules.

USHA Online-poll winners for the past five years:

Best of 2009 – T. Bastidas won 1-, 3-& 4-wall jr titles. He was undefeated (8) consecutive times(singles) in (8) consecutive national finals in all 3codes

Best of 2010 – T. Bastidas won 1-& 3-wall jr titles. He also won the 1-wall open & reached the 3-wall open final.

Best of 2011 – R. McCarthy

Best of 2012 – P. Brady

Best of 2013 – T. Bastidas won 1-, 3- & 4-wall open titles. He also made History when he won both summer open titles in the same year. A rare accomplishment in the Association.

Annual New York Athletic Club Invitational – preliminary games attract big audience.




The first day of the WPH race4eight drew a big audience which along with the players watched some interesting matches among some of the best players of the game in the men’s and women’s division..

Dozens “WPH race4eight” fans attended the handball competition on Thursday in anticipation of the great handball weekend schedule.

The die-hard fans that got early entry into the Club got to watch the qualifier games of the fourth Pro stop in New York, before the final round of 16 had started on Friday night.

The draws were stacked up by mostly national champions from Ireland, Mexico, Canada and USA.

The NYAC Invitational now stands as the most popular stop for the best players of the game (1-, 3-, and 4-wall).

1-Wall around the World – Populous Magazine brings Coney Island handball action to Europe.




Photo by Bill Fand

Peter Duffy a renowned journalist and publisher of several books have written an interesting overview of the game through the best players, including current World and National champion Tyree Bastidas.

By Peter Duffy


That’s not the style adopted by Tyree Bastidas, however, the 23-year-old reigning champion of the USHA (small ball) Nationals, Coney Island’s handball equivalent of tennis Wimbledon. “I just let my hands do the talking.” says the city’s most elite handballer. “I don’t want to do anything that will throw off my game.”

Like Hershkowitz before him, Bastidas is a Brooklyn kid who has graduated to the non-New York iterations of the sport played in the hinterlands.

In 2013 he won the singles title at the USHA Three-Wall National in Toledo Ohio, and the doubles title (with his partner Nikolai Nahorniak) at the Four-Wall national in Des Moines, Iowa.

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Owen Gloves – You like the way it looks, you’ll love the way it feels.





The Award-winning design, quality craftsmanship and unprecedented performance of a Handball Glove are always in style.

Hidden behind a seamless fit and finish, Owen’s revolutionary style features a great variety of color and size to satisfy and fit everyone.

This is the reason current World and National champion Tyree Bastidas has chosen to wear Owen gloves since he started playing handball. The thin colorful handball gloves are Tyree’s first choice while he prefers wearing green gloves when playing in the finals.

“Owen Gloves don’t just promotes the top players of the game but it also helps and support the handball sport in general” Tyree said

“Players should support Owen Gloves, the only company that has promoted and supplied handball gloves to the best players for almost three decades”

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Handball Domination – New York players rule the handball sport – Part 1





For the past ninety years, New York handball players have dominated the handball circuit all across the states by establishing records: individually or in teams. They have also dominated most of the divisions: Juniors, Open and Masters, including men and women.

Because New York players have such a love for the game and play with so much intensity on the court, they have managed to dominate almost every division from 1951-2013.

Not only they have dominated and captured the most titles, but they have established the most records and milestones in the Association.

When we talk about the greatest players of the game, New Yorkers can’t be ignored.

USHA most versatile open players:

Vic Hershkowitz - NY

Oscar Obert – NY

Rosemary Bellini - NY

Lou Russo – NY

Priscilla Shumate - Brazil

Ruby Obert - NY

Tyree Bastidas – NY

Blending the Past and the Present

For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the only player in the Association to have won all summer singles titles (1- & 3-wall) in the same year in both: the juniors and the open divisions.