Handball player for life.

Australian 3-Wall National – N.Y.A.C. and Australian Handball Association team up.





Photo Above: Tyree Bastidas raises his hands in a triumphant gesture after winning his fifth open title in (1-, 3- & 4-wall) versions in less than a year. Video recording by: Emilio Sierra.                                                           Handball gloves by: https://www.owengloves.com/store/

The most famous private Club in America, the New York Athletic Club, in conjunction with the Australian Handball Association will fly the best handball player on the planet, Tyree Bastidas, to the other side of the world to promote handball across Australia.

The Australian Handball Association wants to capitalize on this rare opportunity to promote (1-, 3- & 4-wall) handball versions through Tyree, who will spend three weeks traveling and promoting handball by participating in Handball Clinics, playing in local tournaments and by competing at the famous Victoria Handball Open (VHA) and Australian 3-Wall National.

Other top handball players have gone to Australia to promote handball before, but this is the first time the Aussies will actually witness a current World and USHA (1-, 3- & 4-wall) national champion in action.

We thank Simon Fitzgerald from the Australian Handball Association and John Dugan from the New York Athletic Club for putting together this amazing handball promotion.

“Best of 2013” -  Bastidas’ glorious year “2013” – more glory to come for 1-waller






Photos by Bill Fand.

The year 2013 ended on a high note for New York 1-wall player, Tyree Bastidas, who recently was voted "The Best Of The Year". He has won this honor in previous occasions, and is the third in his handball career. He was voted the best in a fan’s poll organized by the USHA, the governing body of the sport.

Most of the best players in the world came to competed in all events Tyree had to play and win to be nominated for this honor. They all came to play to pursue their passion which we all know is one of the greatest pleasures in life.

The “Best of 2013 honor” acknowledges the players’ great talent and the sacrifices they make by going out of their way and performing extraordinary achievements throughout the year. “I’m very happy to be voted the “Best of 2013”. I'll try harder next year to do it again” Tyree said.

USHA online poll winners for the past five years:

Best of 2009 – Tyree Bastidas – 1-wall player

Best of 2010 – Tyree Bastidas – 1-wall player

Best of 2011 – Robert McCarthy – 4-wall player

Best of 2012 – Paul Brady – 4-wall player

Best of 2013 – Tyree Bastidas – 1-wall player 

Burt Kossoff  43th Annual New York Athletic Club Invitational & WPH R48Pro III #4 Handball Tournament – Irish rule 4-wall circuit in America.





As expected, the tournament turned out to be the best or one of the best in the WPH R48 Pro-tour in the last three years with a record participation of players from around the country and abroad.

Irish players dominated the men and women division with their sharp handball skills the locals couldn't match.

Catriona Casey (IRE) won the women division against Tracy Davis from New York, while Paul Brady and Robert McCarthy from Ireland cornered the men’s division to battle in three games where Mr. Brady prevailed in a much contested match. Mr. Brady even lost his temper in the second game, when he threw the ball to the side referee because the referee didn’t agree with him and made him serve for the second time.

“I wouldn’t want to ref any of Paul’s games if he is going to behave like that” Rick, a handball fan said.

“I really don’t want to get hit with the ball by surprise”

Other than that, the tournament ran smooth without any other incidents.

Congratulations to all players for putting up a great handball show at the NYAC.

Handball Domination – New York players rule the handball sport – Part 3





For the past ninety years, New York handball players have dominated the handball circuit all across the states by establishing records: individually or in teams. They have also dominated most of the divisions: Juniors, Open and Masters, including men and women.

Because New York players have such a love for the game and play with so much intensity on the court, they have managed to dominate almost every division in the USHA from 1951-2013.

Not only they have dominated and captured the most titles, but they have established the most records and milestones in the Association.

When we talk about the greatest players of the game, New Yorkers can’t be ignored.

The following breakdown is not in any particular order and is another testament of the best players of the Association.


USHA record holders: longest undefeated run (Singles)

Vic Hershkowitz – 3-wall - NY

He won nine (9) consecutive titles.

Tyree Bastidas  – (1-, 3- & 4-wall) – NY

He won nine (9) consecutive Jr. titles (1-, 3- & 4-wall)

Ana Calderon – 1-wall – NY

She won five (5) consecutive titles

Rosemary Bellini – 3-wall – NY

She won seven (7) consecutive titles

Naty Alvarado Sr. – 4-wall – MEX

He won seven (7) consecutive titles

Steve Sandler – 1-wall – NY

He won six (6) consecutive titles

Joe Durso – 1-wall – NY

He won six (6) consecutive titles.

Chinese calendar points to Tyree’s year – 2014 – year of the Horse.





After looking at the Chinese calendar we’ve noticed that 1990, the year Tyree was born, is called the year of the horse. Fast forward 24 years and 2014 becomes again the year of the horse as there are only 12 animals that get to be celebrated in the Chinese calendar.

Tyree is very optimistic about the Chinese calendar as he grew up surrounded by most of his friends who were Asian descendants in high school and in the community.

Will Tyree be the iron horse running through the handball season in 2014? Or will he be riding into the sunset at the end of the year?

We don’t really know yet, but he is looking forward to accomplish many of his goals, including but not limited to winning the 1- , 3 & 4-wall men’s singles championships, defending his three open titles and hopefully having his handball movie released later in the year.

“I’m very optimistic about 2014. I have a feeling things may go my way this time” Tyree said.

A Charming New Year

Legend has it that in ancient times, Buddha asked all the animals to meet him on Chinese New Year. Twelve came, and Buddha named a year after each one. He announced that the people born in each animal's year would have some of that animal's personality. Those born in horse years are cheerful, skillful, perceptive, witty, talented and good with their hands.

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Blending the Past and the Present

For The Record:

As of February 2014, Tyree Bastidas is the only American to have been voted as the "Best of the Year".