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Why did handball fans choose Bastidas’ accomplishments over Brady’s as the “Best of 2013”?






Photo by Bill Fand.

Handball fans across the globe let their voices heard over the internet when they voted for Tyree’s accomplishments as the Best of the year for the third time in the last five years. But in spite of Tyree’s success over P. Brady’s, some people are still wondering: why fans are more inclined to vote for Bastidas rather than Brady?

Throughout the years, we‘ve noticed handball fans are more inclined to vote for a player who has gone beyond expectations by excelling in more than one handball version. Fans usually tend to disregard players who keep winning the same event over and over by playing in the same handball version. They want to reward and vote for a player who has actually gone out of his way to risk and sacrifice his handball career to distinguish himself from the rest of the pack. And Bastidas has fit that description by dominating and excelling in all three versions in the juniors and open divisions.

USHA online-poll winners for the past five years:

Best of 2009 – Tyree Bastidas (New York)

Best of 2010 – Tyree Bastidas (New York)

Best of 2011 – Robert McCarthy (Ireland)

Best of 2012 – Paul Brady (Ireland)

Best of 2013 – Tyree Bastidas (New York)

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USHA Grand National Awards Dinner - May 7th – NYC






By Glenn Hall

Our first ever Grand National Champion Awards Dinner is being held in NYC on May 7th. We are honoring the Top 3 all-around players of 2013. Come and honor the Best of the Best!

Tickets can be purchased online by clicking on the link below. It seems the top-3 players from 2013 are off to a strong start in 2014 with Danielle Daskalakis winning the Women’s Classic and #3 Megan Mehillos at the Milwaukee Classic. At Milwaukee, the men saw #1 Tyree Bastidas all-around take second and #2 all-around, Nik Nahorniak reach the semi-finals losing to the Champ Emmett Peixoto, a serious challenger for 2013 all-around crown. Jurell Bastidas, #3 all-around player reached the quarter finals.  We will soon list the qualifying Grand National Champion tournaments for both Men’s and Women’s divisions so you can follow with the player progress as the 2014 schedule unfolds.

Reserve your spot early for the USHA Grand National Awards Dinner, May 7th at Lilly O'Brien's Restaurant in Lower Manhattan, NYC.  
Tickets are $35/person

Date: May 7th
Time: 7 pm
Place: Lilly O'Brien's Restaurant, 18 Murray St, New York, NY 10007 Near NYC Courthouse and all subways! 

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Looking for a game? – Outdoor handball season in on.






Many people are heading outdoors to play 1-and 3-wall, and with so many tournaments on the schedule is not an easy task to pick a park or a handball venue.

Players in the Northeast usually start looking to play outdoors during March and April. But because of record snow storms and unusual prolonged cold temperatures this winter, people are coming out a little bit later than usual.

If you are having trouble locating outdoor handball tournaments, look no further and click below.

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Is there such a thing as home court advantage in handball? – 1-wall Men’s A/B Doubles Event -  Jurell Bastidas takes advantage of his home court at “The ELKS”






We are always reading about home court advantage in other sports, but we rarely read about it in the handball sport.

Last year during the last 1-wall indoor handball tournament at the ELKS, we heard a handball player comment: “Jurell and his partner have been undefeated on these courts since the beginning of the year by playing through the winter and at the inaugural A/B handball tournament.

Eventually, Jurell won that tournament with his partner Tony by defeating Tyree and Robert, and finished undefeated at the 1-wall (small ball) indoor handball season.

This year was not different either as Jurell and his partner Tony, again, remained undefeated through the winter by beating every team on their way. They also remained undefeated at the ELKS tournament on April 12.

“We haven’t lost a game since the beginning of the year”, Jurell said.

It’s obvious that Jurell does have a slight advantage over the rest of the players since he practices 1-wall during most afternoons after working at the ELKS. But his opponents are not just anybody off the streets either. His weekly opponents include: B. O’Donnell, A. Rebaza, M. Schneider, V. LoPierre and other top 1-wallers who get together to play late in the afternoon.

For two consecutive years Jurell and his partner, Tony, have managed to stay undefeated all the way to the end of both 1-wall indoor handball seasons.

Congratulations to both players.

1-Wall around the world - 2015 World Handball Championships in Canada.





The Competitors

900-1,200 players are expected to compete at the 2015 World Championships in both 4-Wall and 1-Wall events.

26 Countries will send their best players to the Worlds.

Countries represented will be: Australia, Basque Countries, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Equador, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Spain, USA, United Kingdom.

Canada is expected to have our strongest contingent of players ever assembled for a World Championship.

Current World 4-Wall Champions attending include: Paul Brady, Ireland (4 time Open Singles World Champion), Luis Moreno & Andy Neth, USA  (Current Open Doubles World Champions), Aislin Reilly, Ireland (Current Women’s Open Singles Champion), Fiona Shannon & Sibeal Gallagher (Current Women’s Open Doubles Champions), plus many players from the WPH Race4Eight Pro Handball Tour. 

Current World 1-Wall Champions attending include: Tyree Bastidas, USA (Men's Small Ball Champion), Tracy Davis, USA (Women's Small Ball Champion) and Tywan Cook, USA (Men's Big Ball Champion). 

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Blending the Past and the Present

For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the first USHA National 1-wall Big Ball junior champion to win the World 1-wall (small ball), men 's open title.