Handball player for life.

Handball King to remain on throne - Kings County-born, Tyree Bastidas, will remain the No 1-seeded player at the end of 2012.





Tyree Bastidas (16 years-old) serves the ball during the nationals in Coney Island.


The best handball player in the U.S. will hold the No 1 spot for the third consecutive year, according to the USHA One-Wall Pro Handball Ranking .

Yes, it's hard to believe and hard to swallow the notion that Bastidas will remain the leading player in spite of his recent setbacks.

T. Bastidas has been holding to the No 1-seeded position due to his incredible winnings since he won the USHA 1-wall nationals as a teen back in 2010. And even though some players have taken some games from him, it hasn't been enough to topple him from his throne. That's because Bastidas has won the most important tournaments where most of the best players show up to challenge him.

Yes, one can take a game or two from him, but one needs to be as consistent as Bastidas to earn the throne.

Tyree Bastidas will also remain the youngest player to hold the No 1 position the longest at the USHA 1-wall Pro Handball Rankings.

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40th Annual Albany Open - Tyree can't slam with new partner.





The famous Albany Open handball tournament drew players from more than 10 States, including Canada. The tournament always draws the best talent in the Northeast.

Tournament Director, John Bossung made sure all players had a good time at the Club and at the Banquet.

In the men's open, Tyree Bastidas and Billy O'Donnell were taken to the third game during the semifinals by Dave Bardwell and Mike Schneider respectively. Billy and Tyree managed to reach the championship match in both the singles and doubles.

In the end, it was Bastidas who captured the title in the singles, but couldn't slam with his new partner "Raul Retian" as O'Donnell and Schneider picked on Raul during the entire match.

Tyree's brother, Jurell, couldn't attend the tournament due to other personal obligations.

Anyone wishing to read more about this tournament, its rich history and other handball results can do so by going to the link posted below.



One-Wall handball version - a true open competition.




Above: C. Sala trys to return a ball by diving by the short line while Bastidas comes from behind to try to cover the wide-open right side.


Can the walls of the 3- or 4-wall games limit a player’s ability to perform?

Yes, the 3- and 4-wall game is limited from wall to wall, thereby players are limited to rely on the walls to return the balls that are out of their reach.The only exception is in the 3-wall front wall, which doesn't face a back wall.

In the one-wall game, no walls limit a player’s ability to perform. Players rely only in their handball skills, and their game is not confined or limited neither by the size of the court. This is the main reason why the 1-wall nationals is considered by many as the only true open national event.

One-wall means: no walls to depend on, no ceiling to rely on and no back walls to return the balls you missed.

The 1-wall nationals is the only national tournament that fully embraces the meaning of an open championship event.

The 32nd Annual “Long Island Open” - Tyree slams - Danielle captures two singles titles.





As in the past, the tournament drew the best talent in small and big ball indoor competition.

As in the past, players were treated to breakfast and lunch, courtesy of the I.C.H.A.

This year, the men's open big ball 4-wall division was offered for the first time. Last year, the women's big ball open division debuted to the delight of the spectators.

The men's open singles division (small ball) was captured by Tyree Bastidas, who slammed playing with his brother Jurell.

The men's open singles division (big ball) was captured by Jon Sese, a player who we have previously highlighted for his handball skills in four-wall (small ball). His smooth playing could take him very far if he were to play in the USHA Collegiate events.

The women's open singles (small ball) featured Sandy Ng and Danielle Daskalakis, where Daskalakis defeated the defending champion.

The women's open singles (big ball) saw Danielle Daskalakis take over the division to become the first woman to capture both singles events with two different balls.

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USHA National Junior Four-Wall Championships – Tyree Bastidas and Marco Lemus - the last all-American championship match on U.S. soil.




Above: New Yorker Tyree Bastidas poses with New Jersey 1-wall rising star Bernardo Brant in Queens.


The time every handball fan has dreaded had finally arrived on December 27, 2009. The Tyree Bastidas era is over.

As the most dominant junior player in the USHA, Bastidas captured his last 4-wall jr national title (third in a row) in Chicago, and that will forever mark the finale of Bastidas’ brilliant handball journey.

He owns almost every junior record and won almost every division playing all three handball versions with the small and the big ball.

Ever since Bastidas and Lemus‘s championship match was recorded in Chicago as the last all-American final in the 19-and-under singles division, no American players have been able to reach the finals to replicate it.

2009 – Tyree Bastidas (U.S.) def Marcos Lemus (U.S.)

2010 – Caolan Daly (IRE) def Stephen Cooney (IRE)

2011 – Killian Carroll (IRE) def Daniel Cordova (MEX)

2012 – Brant Bidegain (U.S.) def Conor McElduff (Ireland)

Blending the Past and the Present.

For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas becomes the youngest player to capture the most men's open singles titles at the Albany Open.