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ELKS A/B Men’s open handball tournament - Timothy Gonzalez repeats (big ball).





Last year Timbo Gonzalez won the 1-wall big ball event with a different partner. This year he had a different partner to win again in a convincing way. Mr. Gonzalez did go out of his way and played in both events (small and big ball events).

He had a good run all the way to the quarter finals in the small ball game, but unfortunately he ran into the defending champions Jurell Bastidas and Tony Ferruggia. Gonzalez did manage to push team Jurell/Tony to the limit and even managed to lead the score during most of the game, but team Jurell Bastidas/Tony Ferruggia came back to take the lead and ultimately the game.

Mr. Gonzalez’s defeat also helped his team to focus more on his big ball game to take the honors and the money for the second consecutive year.

Congratulations to Gonzalez and his partner.

Victorian Handball Open (VHA) - Australia - Tyree slams.





Photos by AHA.

Tyree Bastidas made his debut at the Victorian 3-wall open amongst the most established and experienced teams that have captured this prestigious tournament in the past. Because Bastidas couldn’t pick a partner himself, one was randomly picked for him from the list of players still looking for partners.

Once on the court, Bastidas was reminded of the different set of rules the doubles game is played by while Jim Cormie was selected as Tyree’s doubles partner.

For some strange reason, Tyree happened to enjoy playing doubles more than singles. “I like playing doubles in Australia. It seems to be more of a fun game where everyone gets to play and enjoy the game” Tyree said back in New York.

“Everyone in Australia uses the Irish whip swing when hitting the ball”

Because Tyree was not familiar with the advantage of using the Irish whip in Australia, he kind of got injured by constantly blasting the ball with overhand shots. “My hand was shot after a while. I should have switched to the Irish whip mode” said Tyree.

Bastidas and Cormie went through the best teams to reach the final to face the defending champions, the King brothers. The match was as tough as expected, but Bastidas and Cormie made sure they came out victorious at the Victorian open. "Playing doubles is not an easy task in Australia. My partner, James Cormie, played really good throughout the weekend, and he was very instrumental for us to win the title" said Tyree.

In doing some research, we’ve noticed that only a handful number of players outside Australia have dared to compete at the Victorian Open doubles, including Emmett Peixoto and Tyree Bastidas in the 21st century. Bastidas seems to be the only player to have slammed at the Victorian handball tournament                                                                                                                                                                         Congratulations to J. Cormie and T. Bastidas for capturing the title.

Handball Domination – New York players rule the handball sport – Part 7





Photo by WPH

For the past ninety years, New York handball players have dominated the handball circuit all across the states by establishing records: individually or in teams. They have also dominated most of the divisions: Juniors, Open and Masters, including, men and women.

Because New York players have such a love for the game and play with so much intensity on the court, they have managed to dominate almost every division in the USHA from 1951-2013.

Not only they have dominated and captured the most titles, but they have established the most records and milestones in the Association.

When we talk about the greatest players of the game, New Yorkers can’t be ignored.

New Yorkers always love to excel in everything they do and they always like to be first and in control of their games

From the Junior to the Open Divisions New Yorkers have been ruling the handball sport in 1-, 3-, and 4-wall handball versions overall. Such is the case of the following USHA record holders in the Association, who have established records that still stand tall in American Handball History.

The following breakdown is not in any particular order and is another testament of the best players of the Association.


USHA 1-, 3- or 4-wall Milestones:

The only handball player in the Association to have won (1-, 3- & 4-wall) open doubles titles in the same year:                                                         Lou Russo - NY

The youngest player in the Association to capture an open singles title for the first time and remain the No 1 seed the longest:                                   Tyree Bastidas - NY

Flashback - Bastidas’ and Brady’s bad behavior – a twist of fate or a twist of two tales? – WPH Message Board members miss opportunity.





Tyree Bastidas reached the USHA Northeast Regional 3-wall championship match in the men’s open in 2008. He was a junior champion (17-year-old) at that time and had just finished playing a much contested game where calls were repeatedly challenged, tempers were running high and technical were called, losing points. Tyree was so disgusted with the game that he refused to shake hands with his opponent after the game had finished.

His “poor sportsmanship behavior” as it was noted in a thread created at the WPH Message Board was widely criticized. In Bastidas’ defense, Coach Michael Watson asked the WPH board members not to focus on the growing pains of a 17-year-old kid and encouraged its members to discuss more important handball issues.

Mr. Watson also noted and reminded everyone that top players of the game usually get away unscratched after pulling worst unprofessional acts on the court. Instead WPH members pressed ahead with Bastidas’ bad behavior thread.

On the other hand, Mr. Paul Brady, the current WPH R48 Pro champion (34-year-old), was playing at the championship match of the WPH R48 tournament in New York when unexpectedly and intentionally threw the ball at the side referee.

Mr. Brady barely missed the referee as seen on the replay. He was disgusted by the side referee’s call, who along with the other side referee forced him to serve the ball for the second time. Keep in mind, the court where this game took place, doesn't have glass protection for the referees as other 4-wall courts provide.

Dave Vincent, The WPH Commentator of the game, seemed to downplay Brady’s unprofessional behavior by simply stating “Brady uncharacteristically threw the ball towards the back wall in disgust and seemed unravel”

This unprofessional behavior didn’t go unnoticed by others “Paul throws the ball at the line judge because he is not happy about being overruled. I’ve never seen him do that before” D. Chapman said.

Everyone waited for the WPH to pick up on this incident to re-start a healthy chat at its moribund Message Board, according to a WPH Board Member, who goes by the alias “Viperman”, who had previously started a new thread with a question “Why is this Message Board so dead?”

The handball community was really disappointed that no one at the WPH Message Board picked up on Mr. Brady’s unprofessional behavior, so we decided to end this topic with the following two questions:

Would you rather have Tyree not shake your hand after a game? Or would you rather get a ball thrown at your face during Paul’s outburst in the game?

Boston Open 2014 – Killian Carroll repeats.





Some photos by Dan Gebben

Irish handball star Killian Carroll beat the competition for the second consecutive year as he defeated Emmett Peixoto from the U.S. in two games.

Killian Carroll managed to get by a strong group of players who were vying for the money-prize at this important event in the Northeast. He won the Boston Open last year after he finished undefeated during the last four years of his junior handball journey when he played at the USHA 4-wall junior nationals in December.

Carroll also played at the WPH Pro tour in Texas where he had a good run but was stopped by Allan Garner. He has made the Boston Open a must-attend tourney every year.

This is the first time a player as young as him returns to the BO to defend and win his title.

He’ll be returning next year to try to win the title for the third time, but first, he’ll try to attend the USHA 4-wall nationals coming up in Minneapolis, the U.S. Open of Handball or any WPH race4eight Pro stop.

Congratulations to Mr. Carroll for his good wins.

Blending the Past and the Present

For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the only player outside Australia to slam the Victorian Open.