Handball player for life.

Tyree extends Epic Handball run – captures six open titles in three different countries throughout three different continents.






Photos by AHA

Once again, Tyree Bastidas, the current 1-wall World champion, cranked up his game another notch to improve his historic run around the world by extending his winning streak to six.

Bastidas leap into the air as he finished capturing the Australian Open, levitating with joy. He had just won the most important handball tournament in the Australian continent.

Tyree Bastidas is the only player in the world to have won six different open titles by playing all three handball versions. He has won at least one open title in every national championship he has competed since he won the World Championships in 2012.

There are only a few players who have had long and extraordinary runs in the handball sport like Tyree’s, but none of those runs include all three handball versions.

Congratulations to Tyree for another great Milestone:

2012 – World Handball Championships – 1-wall open singles champion.

2012 – World Handball Championships – 1-wall open doubles champion.

2013 – USHA Four-Wall Championships - 4-wall open doubles champion.

2013 – USHA Three-Wall Championships - 3-wall open singles champion.

2013 – USHA One-Wall Championships - 1-wall open singles champion.

2014 – Australian Three-Wall Open – 3-wall open singles champion.

The NYAC’s 43rd Annual Burt Kossoff Handball Tournament – Playing Hardball.





By John Duggan

The 2014 Burt Kossoff handball tournament was held in the City House over the first weekend of March.

This year the tournament was held in conjunction with the r48 Men’s and Women’s Pro Stop. It was an incredible weekend of top notch handball capped off by the NYAC’s most dominant player and current world champion, Paul Brady, capturing the Men’s Pro Division in an epic 11-6 tie breaker over his fellow Irishman Robbie McCarthy.

Brady arrived in New York having not played a tournament singles match in nearly nine months and was clearly not the Paul Brady handball fans have seen in the past nine years.

Appearing vulnerable at times, he mixed incredible shots with uncharacteristic errors and lapses, but in the quarter-final and semi-final, and with his win in the final, Brady demonstrated steely resolve and proved that, even without his best game, he can find a way to win – the mark of a true champion.

Our newest team member, John Iglesias, had an outstanding tournament, earning wins over WPH #3 seed, Sean Lenning, and WPH #1 seed, Luis Moreno, to finish a very credible sixth in the Pro division. A graduate from powerhouse, Lake Forest College, John has demonstrated vast handball potential since his teens; looks for him to continue to rise up the tour rankings.

Handball Domination – New York players rule the handball sport – Part 8






Photo by Keith Thode

Handball Domination – New York players rule the handball sport – Part 8

For the past ninety years, New York handball players have dominated the handball circuit all across the states by establishing records: individually or in teams. They have also dominated most of the divisions: Juniors, Open and Masters, including, men and women.

Because New York players have such a love for the game and play with so much intensity on the court, they have managed to dominate almost every division in the USHA from 1951-2013.

Not only they have dominated and captured the most titles, but they have established the most records and milestones in the Association.

When we talk about the greatest players of the game, New Yorkers can’t be ignored.

New Yorkers always love to excel in everything they do and they always like to be first and in control of their games

From the Junior to the Open Divisions New Yorkers have been ruling the handball sport in 1-, 3-, and 4-wall handball versions overall. Such is the case of the following USHA record holders in the Association, who have established records that still stand tall in American Handball History.

The following breakdown is not in any particular order and, but is another testament of the best players of the Association.

USHA Milestone in ( 1-, 3-, and 4-wall): The only players in the Association to have won all  junior national singles titles in all three handball versions in the same year are:

Eric Klarman - New York

Tyree Bastidas - New York 

Boston Open 2014 – Young Irish players invade the Northeast – looking for fame and fortune.





Bottom photos by Dan Gebben.

This is not the first time the Boston Open gets invaded by Irish player looking for fame and fortune. The Boston Open has always been a magnet for players from the West Coast and from across the Atlantic.

This year handball fans got to enjoy watching the future of handball from Ireland as three former USHA 4-wall junior players showed up to display their sharp handball skills at the highest level of competition.

We asked Killian Carroll: Why do we have more Irish players in the BO this year?

“It’s easy for us to travel to the Northeast as we have fast access to New York and Boston. We will be also traveling to the Canadian nationals as it’s only a short drive from Boston” Killian said

“We are very optimistic we could make it in the U.S. and Canada as we are traveling in a  group and that helps a lot”

Killian Carroll, Connor McElduff and McCrystal did pretty well at the Boston Open as they all made it to the semis while Killian Carroll captured the title.

Congratulations to the Irish group.

Games Of Thrones – Part II - Is Paul Brady’s reign about to end? – For that to happen - his head must roll.





Photo by Keith Thode

Some handball fans are taking note and realizing that Paul Brady, the USHA 4-wall reigning King is not longer the same P. Brady they used to watch in action before.

In the past, Paul used his handball skills to dominate and pulverize the competition, but recently, several opponents have out-dueled him by taking several games from him to take him to the final game, where he has even lost the entire match, the honors and the money prize.

We all know Paul can’t win forever and that his game has started to show weaknesses due to his age and battle-injuries suffered throughout the years. But will he be ready and strong enough this year to defend his title and hold off any pretender to his Throne?

Blending the Past and the Present

For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the youngest player outside Australia to capture the Australian Open.