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Soccer and Handball champions – clash of 1-wall world champions – Can Tyree Bastidas (small ball 1-wall world champion) bring down Tywan Cook (big ball 1-wall world champion) to his knees again?






Photo by Nothing but handball "NBH"

It has been a long, tiresome and painful (broke two fingers) journey for Tyree Bastidas since he won the world crown back in 2012. He also competed in the big ball competition where he almost beat current big ball world champion Tywan Cook in a semifinal match that could have gone to either player.

During the famous King of the Courts open tournament in 2013, Tyree and Tywan faced each other once again. But this time the match took place at the heart of the big ball handball community, where fans usually celebrate in big fashion their players’ accomplishments.

Fans were treated to a special game when two 1-wall champions battled for supremacy, but were stunned and disappointed when T. Bastidas demolished T. Cook on his home-court in front of his own fans. Some fans couldn’t bear the slaughter and left when it became clear the big ball world champion was being routed at home. Some just walked away in disgust and gave the thumbs down to the cameras.

But don’t feel bad for the big ball handball community; humiliating defeats happens all the time in any sport.

Recently, Germany, a former world soccer champion humiliated Brazil (former world champion) in front of his own fans at the Soccer World Cup held in Brazil.

Good luck to all players at the USHA big ball 1-wall nationals.

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Boston Open 2014 – Court’s in session – and inside look at the end of the day.





Photos by Dan Gebben

The Boston Open had a very competitive division this year and attracted one of the biggest audiences in recent memory.

Useless facts:

For the first time in a long time, the semis and final matches were played on Sunday.

This is the first time all three Irish players finished among the top four players.

There were more out of town players than locals in the men’s singles.

Interesting facts: The Boston Open is one of the premier and oldest tournaments in the Northeast.

Killian Carroll becomes the youngest player to win the Boston open in two consecutive years.

The Boston Open has been captured by locals, out of state and players from abroad.

The following list of winners is a courtesy of the Boston Open Committee.

Boston Open – recent winners and runner-ups:

2014 Killian Carroll (IRE) defeated Emmett Peixoto (CA)

2013 Killian Carroll (IRE) defeated Billy O’Donnell (NY)

2012 Tyree Bastidas (NY) defeated Billy O’Donnell (NY).

2011 Emmett Peixoto (CA) defeated Billy O’Donnell (NY).

2010 Dave Fink (PA) defeated Tyree Bastidas (NY).

2009 Sean Lenning (WA) defeated Dave Chapman (KS).

2008 Emmett Peixoto (CA) defeated Dave Fink (PA).

2007 Sean Lenning (WA) defeated Ricardo Diaz (CA).

2006 Danny Bell (CAN) defeated Emmett Peixoto (CA).

2005 Emmett Peixoto (CA) defeated Kendell Lewis (NY).

2004 Kendell Lewis (NY) defeated Mark O’Leary (IL).

Dispelling the Myth in the handball world - Part II – was the field deeper and stronger in the past?





Photo by Dan Gebben

The field was deeper in the past, not because there were better players as suggested by Eisenberg and Davidoff in recent comments, but because there was only one division for everyone to enter.

When the USHA was founded in 1951 and while still in its infancy, it didn’t offer as many divisions as we currently have. As time went on, more people started playing more handball and the USHA added more divisions as it saw the need.

In the past, the open division used to have good open players but it was mostly stacked with novice, handball enthusiasts, teenagers and people who couldn’t find a division where they belonged.

Eisenberg and Davidoff’s statement also suggested the competition was stronger as they mentioned some players from their era. But was it?

We understand that players from certain handball eras want to believe their players were the best of all time no matter what, but trying to convince people in the internet with half- truth statements is not acceptable

We are not sure if Mr. Davidoff and Mr. Eisenberg were deliberately trying to deceive handball fans on the internet or perhaps it was an oversight on their part. We would like to give them the benefit of the doubt and believe it was the latter.

USHA National Four-Wall Championships – Grand National and Ranking points.





Tyree Bastidas and his friend Robert Lee traveled to Minnesota ahead of schedule to practice and prepare for this important tournament where the best players of all three handball codes in the world converge to earn ranking points, Grand National points and 4-wall titles that every player hopes to have by the end of the tournament.

Every player in the world has the opportunity to score high points for the ultimate grand honor “Grand National Champion”. Most players have the opportunity to score the most points by playing two events. Of course, not everyone can challenge themselves to two events, but whatever their goal, the 4-wall nationals offer an equal opportunity for all players to earn points.

Australia 3-wall Open – The end of the line - something to learn from the Aussies.





Photos by AHA


The 3-wall game in Australia has a long line just like in the American 3-wall court; from one end of the wall to the other end of the opposite wall. But when a player serves the ball over the line, the receiving player has the option to return it to keep the ball in play, while in America the player doesn’t have that option as the referee will call it ’long” and stop the play.

We believe the Australian option to return the long ball is a better choice for the 3-wall game as it keeps the game on, more exciting and fewer interruptions that sometimes involve questionable calls and lost of time. It’s kind of punishing the server for failing to serve properly and would encourage other players to focus and serve better.

The 3-wall game in Australia also has long lines at the end of the side walls as a continuation of both long walls that confines the game while a player serves the ball. Meaning the server needs to keep the ball within the long lines. After the receiving player returns the ball, the game is no longer confined to the long lines and is played the same way the American 3-wall game.

Blending the Past and the Present

For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the youngest player among the few open players who won a national open title in every handball version in the same year.