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Fronton 1-wall Handball Tournament - Bastidas reaches final again.






The popular Fronton handball tournament that has Pro stops around the globe to qualify the best players of the game came to an end in New York on April, 2014.

The best players of the women and the men’s divisions may be invited to participate in the “Ultimate Showdown” to be held in France at the end of the year.

The Fronton game is usually held outdoors, but this year it was the first time it was held indoors.

Tournament Director, Albert Apuzzi ran a successful tournament that included a great hospitality with free food, shirts, trophies, money and media coverage from France.

When the Fronton 1-wall debuted in New York it offered only one division. Currently there are about half a dozen divisions that include juniors, men, women and amateurs.

Jurell Bastidas lost to Garnet in the semifinal match of the men’s open division.

Congratulations to all players who participated in this fast-growing game in the U.S.

Grand National Champions Awards – Meet the man who makes things happen - Glenn Hall.





The Grand National champions Awards recognition has always been a great handball idea that has been floating around for many years, but no one had dared to work on it as it’s a complex project that involves all three disciplines of handball that includes the small and big ball.

Last year, Glenn Hall, a long time USHA Member & ICHA Board Member, took it upon himself with USHA approval to devise a fair system to reward with points any handball player who travels the distance to play in various tournaments across the states.

The main idea is to create crossover in the handball community so that players are encouraged to play in more than one handball version. By the end of the year the project systematically will select the best players who performed the best overall in all three handball versions.

The handball community has always thought this idea would come from 3 or 4-wall handball players outside New York as they represent the majority of USHA membership. Luckily, we have Glenn Hall, a New York player who started this project and turned into a dream come true story. Nope, Glenn Hall is not a 1-wall player. He is a pure 4-wall player who wants handball to grow and reward every player in the world who competes in any handball version with any ball. Mr. Glenn Hall is a resident of upstate, New York and a devoted four-wall handball player.

Congratulations to Mr. Hall for spear-heading a great idea that will benefit the handball community in general.

USHA National Four-Wall Championships – defending national doubles champions, team Tyree and Nick, falls in tiebreaker in semifinals.





Photos by Dan Gebben

Some fans watching the semifinals were predicting a blowout during the match Luis Moreno/Jonathan Hingey vs Tyree Bastidas/Nick Nahorniack

Granted, team Moreno/Hingey had just blown away the skillful Irish team of Nash/Mallone the previous day and team Moreno/Hingey’s use of four hands against  team of Nick/Tyree’s three hands was a big disadvantage. But during the match, the younger team, Nick/Tyree, responded very well to the more aggressive team of Moreno/Hingey which was forced to comeback to win the second game to force a tiebreaker to be able to advance to the championship match.

During the tiebreaker, team Moreno/Hingey came back on the court with one mentality. They were determined to shoot and overpower its opponents as it was the only option left for them as team Tyree/Nick had surprised them with smart playing.

Team Moreno/Hingey won 11-8 to stop the defending champions from going into the championship match for the second consecutive year.

Congratulations to team Moreno/Hingey.

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2014 High School Spring Meet – junior players spring into action.





Photos by ICHA


The most famous handball high school tournament around the country kicked off on April 2014 where junior players proudly represented their schools.

As in the past this juniors tournament always draws more players than any other junior handball tournament in any handball version in the U.S.

Paul Williams, founder of ICHA, has been sponsoring this tournament for many years, and it’s sometimes the stepping stone for some players before they start playing in the 1-wall open division.

The weekend tournament also attracted a big audience under sunny skies, and marked the beginning of the 1-wall outdoor handball season.

Congratulations to all players.

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USHA National Four-Wall Championships – women’s open division stacked with a lot of talent - New Yorkers; Tracy and Danielle reach semis.






Photos by Dan Gebben.

The women’s division was stacked with close to 50% of the players from outside the U.S. This interesting data was the perfect handball recipe to have a perfect field of international open talented players.

National and world champions from Canada, Ireland and the U.S. competed to claim the honors.

The final game was a repeat of last year where Aisling Reilly and Catriona Casey battled for the second consecutive year on American soil.

Catriona Casey won a very close first game, but Reilly had to default due to an injury in the second game,

Congratulations to all the ladies for putting up an amazing handball show.

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Blending the Past and the Present

For the Record:

By the numbers: 300 weeks +

Tyree Bastidas is the only player in the history of the Association to have remained undefeated in tiebreakers (men's singles) the longest since he started playing in the USHA 1-wall nationals men's open division as a teenager.