Handball player for life.

July 2004 – July 2014 – 10th year Anniversary Celebration - Tyree Bastidas celebrates ten successful years by winning ten open titles in all three handball versions around the world.




Juniors players from left: Billy O'Donnell, Jonathan Iglesias, Jonathan Camacho, Tyree Bastidas, Montijo and Estrella.                                       Photo by Keith Thode.

Some kids dream to play in the handball association, while others dream to win an open title one day.

On July of 2004, Tyree Bastidas, a 13-year old kid from Brooklyn was thrown into the spotlight for the first time at the USHA junior nationals held in the Bronx. It was just the beginning of a long journey around the globe that would catapult him to the top of his game.

It wasn’t easy to get to where he is now, but is not impossible either. Countless hours of practice, dedication and passionate love for the game are Tyree’s ingredients to become a good handball player.

Tyree’s dream didn’t stop there. As any other kid, he wanted to go where only a few can go. He played all three handball versions and excelled beyond expectations.

Currently, he is the singles & doubles world champion, holding ten open national and international titles under his belt. He has more than ten open titles, but we are only counting the titles within the period posted above.

Congratulations to Tyree for this great open handball run in all three codes in ten years:

2010 – USHA National 1-Wall Open Singles Champion – U.S.

2010 – WPH 3WallBall 3-Wall Open Doubles Champion – U.S.

2012 – CHA National 4-Wall Open Doubles Champion – Canada.

2012 – World Handball Championships 1-Wall Open Singles Champion – Ireland

2012 – World Handball Championships 1-Wall Open Doubles Champion – Ireland

2013 – USHA National 1-Wall Open Singles Champion – U.S.

2013 – USHA National 3-Wall Open Singles Champion – U.S.

2013 – USHA National 4-Wall Open Doubles Champion – U.S.

2013 – WPH 3WallBall 1-Wall World Open Singles Champion – U.S.

2014 – AHA National 3-Wall Open Singles Champion – Australia

USHA National Four-Wall Championships – Paul Brady wins ninth title.





Paul Brady cruised to his ninth open singles to tie Joe Platack and Dave Chapman’s personal record. With his latest title, Paul will be looking forward to reach Naty Alvarado’s all-time record of eleven.

Paul Brady seemed to have comeback in much better shape than initially anticipated. His short stayed in Arizona, together with the rigorous handball practice and his last defeat on America soil on May of 2014, were more than enough reasons to comeback stronger than ever to capture the title in Minnesota.

He defeated Emmett Peixoto in two exciting games where the crowd got to enjoy Emmett’s comeback in the first game

There is no doubt Paul Brady has positioned himself as one of the best four-wall players of the game, and even if he doesn’t tie Alvarado’s record, he will always be remembered as one of the best players from the four-wall handball community.

Congratulations to Paul Brady.

USHA National One-Wall Championships – Jagnandan out to prove himself again at 38.






Photo by Bill Fand

Satish Jagnandan will always be remembered as one of the best players of the game who served out most of his opponents on the 1-wall courts.

Mr. Jagnandan (38-year-old) tried once again to return to the game he dominated for almost half a dozen years until Tyree showed up to reign as the No 1 seed. He did play his best and managed to beat some good players.

Some fans were saying Satish entered the 1-wall competition, hoping to win the title by avoiding Tyree all the way to the championship match, the same way John Wright did it in 2012. Unfortunately, Mr. Jagnandan ran into Tyree and saw his hopes of a title dashed again. He did put up a great fight and gave Tyree a hard time that almost cost Tyree the match, when Tyree serving at match point twisted his ankle again.

Fans fret Satish hasn’t won the 1-wall national title since the 2010 1-wall handball season and his fans might say his mechanics have slipped a wee bit with his age. But playing in your late 30’s in the men’s singles open division is not a cakewalk.

Mr. Jagnandan has proven to be a top player regardless of his age and we hope he continues to come back to entertain the crowd with his monster serves and amazing kills.

Three-Wall handball season is on – 1-wall and Owen Gloves rise to the occasion!






The 3-wall game is growing fast and so is the popularity of Owen Gloves, the leading brand in the United States.

Did you know more 3-wall handball courts were erected in Colorado this year?

Yes, they were inaugurated in Colorado Springs while the USHA 3-wall jr nationals was played also in Colorado at another 3-wall handball facility.

For the past six years, the innovative WPH organization has brought the 3-wall game to Las Vegas, Nevada via portables 3-wall courts. This tournament has been a huge success due to the fact that also offers 1-wall competition.

Des Moines, Iowa where one of the most famous and oldest tournament in the country takes place every year due to the sponsorship of Owen Gloves, has seen two new 3-wall handball courts built by the locals a few years back.

Tom Kopp, founder of Owen Gloves, based in Des Moines has been a big supporter of new handball facilities around the country.

We recently spotted him in Ohio, watching and enjoying a 3-wall game in Maumee.

How did the Owen gloves become so popular?

We could easily say it’s because of the wide range of colors, quality and durability, but we know there is more to it, so we decided to ask the same question to Albert Apuzzi, one of the main handball and glove distributors. “I believe it has to do with the price”

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Council Speaker’s Cup (formerly Mayor’s Cup) – major changes introduced.





Photos by Sean Delevan

This tournament has been organized by ICHA under the leadership of Paul Williams for more than two decades. It has been a successful tournament since its inception.

But this year, ICHA has re-invented itself and has brought new changes for the benefit of the tournament and the organization itself.

First of all, Paul Williams has stepped down as President to give the organization an opportunity to be led by ICHA Board Member, Christian Vazquez.

Christian Vasquez brings new ideas and a ton of experience for running and sponsoring tournaments as a SkyBounce Board Member. He has been credited with supporting big ball tournaments and for introducing for the first time in New York the first 1-wall small ball “SkyBounce ball”.

ICHA Board Member, Glenn Hall, has always worked behind the scenes to make ICHA events success stories. But this year, he has taken a very visible role in leading the organization by hosting events and running the desk at either ICHA or USHA tournaments. His wife, has been helping him along in his new duties.

The format for the open divisions has also been changed for the Council Speaker’s Cup. In the past, the semis and finals used to be played on Sunday. Nowadays, only the finals are played in the last day of the tourney.

ICHA, under new leadership, is expected to bring more exciting changes to the organization.

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Blending the Past and the Present

For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the first player to win the USHA Grand National Champion honor.