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USHA Grand National Series – wide-open opportunity for players to showcase their skills in all three handball codes – Bastidas drops in the ranks.






Handball players have been given the rare opportunity to crossover and become the best all-around players in the Association for the second consecutive year.

Tyree Bastidas won the first Grand National champion honor recognition on May 7 and was honored along other all-around players of the game.

Dave Chapman flew to New York to celebrate in this important event among the best all-around players of the game. “Dave could have earned this honor had the Grand National Series started in the 90’s,” Tyree said.

During the honor celebration, Bastidas was wearing a bracelet in his right hand due to his recent injury suffered a few days before. Bastidas’ injury was a good opportunity for some players to get a head start that paid-off during the spring season when the first results of the USHA Grand National Series were announced. But Bastidas is not worry about it, he knows the competition is tough and still in its early stage. “I’ll try to come back to claim the top spot as soon as my hand gets better” Tyree said.

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USHA National Big Ball One-Wall Championships – Andres Calle defeats Tyree to advance to semis.






Photo by Bill Fand

Andres Calle, a.k.a. “play station” is not stranger to big ball competition. He has competed against the best big ball players and is ranked among the top players in the big ball community. Mr. Calle stunned everyone at the big ball nationals last year, when he almost beat Timbo Gonzalez in the men’s singles. Andres Calle was leading 21-15 before Timbo came back to take the lead and the game, It was a very scary moment for defending champion Gonzalez.

This year Andres Calle advanced to the semis after he beat Tyree in the big ball competition. The game was fair and square and that’s what counts at the end of the day.

Congratulations to Mr. Andres Calle.

Council Speaker’s Cup (formerly Mayor’s Cup) – Gio wins Psychological warfare.






In what was expected to be a good game on the court, it turned out to be a disaster game as emotions ran high due to Gio’s constant questioning and appealing.

Jurell Bastidas was quietly playing and running a comfortable 17-10 lead, when Gio Vasquez changed his game tactic from running around the court to running his mouth and pushing the referee around. It marked the breaking point for Jurell to start losing the lead and the game.

Jurell usually tries not to get dragged into Gio’s verbal aggressive tactic, but when he saw how Gio was using and abusing the referee, he stepped in and told the referee to call as he saw it, regardless of what Gio saw.

As the game progressed, Gio kept pushing the referee around to change the calls to the point where Jurell got frustrated with many calls being changed and the game being delayed. Eventually, Jurell lost his patience and the game.

At the end of the game, Zeav Robbins, the referee of the game, came to talk to us on the game “I have never seen Jurell so upset. I was just trying my best. I might have been soft on certain calls, but I just didn’t want any trouble with anybody” Zeav said.

USHA National Four-Wall Championships – have you seen Lenning lately? – Hard hitters stay away from competition.





For the second year in a row some of the hard-hitters in the Association didn’t show up to challenge Paul Brady and let him walk away with the 4-wall title for the ninth time in the last ten years.

In the past year, Luis Moreno, Sean Lenning and Armando Ortiz managed to take away a game from Brady during the WPH race4eight with Armando even taking a match from him during the spring season. They had the opportunity to do it again at the USHA 4-wall national also held during the spring, but failed to show up to re-validate their victories. Moreno was the only player who showed up, but was ousted by Emmett Peixoto in the semis.

FrontBall Handball Tournament – Past winners.






The New York FrontBall Pro stop tournament was played indoor for the first time in Brooklyn in preparation for the final showdown in France during the first week of November.                                                 France, the last leg of the Pro tour will showcase all Pro stop winners around the world plus some of the runner-ups.

Congratulations to the winners of the FrontBall Tournaments:

Men           Winner                                        Runner-up

2014 – D. Garnett (U.S.)                               Tyree Bastidas (U.S.)

2013 – Carlin Rosa (Dominican Republic)       Jurell Bastidas(U.S.)

2012 -  Yuber Castro(El Salvador)                  D. Garnett(U.S.)

2011 -  Yuber Castro(El Salvador)                  William Polanco(DR)

2010 -  William Polanco(Dominican Republic)  Yuber Castro(El Salvador)


Women       Winner                                        Runner-up

2014 –   Danielle Daskalakis (U.S.)                  Sarah Au (China)

2013 -   Jessica Lopez (PR)                             Na Liu (China)

2012 -   Jessica Lopez (PR)                             Jasmina (Bosnia)

Blending the Past and the Present

For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the youngest among all-around players (men) to have won a USHA national open title in every handball code in the same year.