Handball player for life.

Soccer curse is broken after eight decades – handball curse to remain after more than half a century.






Top Photo by Linda Levine. Bottom Photo by USHA                                     

FIFA, the governing body of the soccer sport celebrated its 100-year Anniversary in 2004. But it wasn’t until 1930 when the first world cup was inaugurated. Ever since then, no country outside the American continent has ever won the World Soccer Cup on American soil. The “curse” was broken when, after 83 years, Germany defeated Argentina in Brazil.

USHA, the governing body of the handball sport was founded in 1951, but it wasn’t until 1959 when the first USHA national 1-wall championship took place in Brooklyn, New York. Ever since then, no player outside New York has ever captured the 1-wall national crown.

From all handball codes played across the U.S., the USHA 1-wall national remains as the only handball version captured only by the locals. It’s mostly played at the Coney Island handball courts right next to the NY Aquarium and the Coney Island Amusement Park, and is open to any player who thinks he's got what it takes to be a true handball champion.

Will the Handball curse last longer than the Soccer curse?

Congratulations to all New Yorkers.

2014 Frontball World Tour – Tyree Bastidas to play in Frontball final showdown in Europe - all eyes on Bastidas





The most versatile player in the world has been invited to participate at the ‘Ultimate Frontball Showdown” in France during the first week of November.

Traditionally, only the winners of the Pro-stops around the world qualify to play in France by the end of the year. But for the first time, the Frontball organization has bent the rules this year to allow Tyree Bastidas to play in it.

During the U.S. pro-stop held in New York, organizers and representatives of the sport, were impressed with Bastidas’ game with the Frontball used for this particular game with roots in Europe.

As we all recall, Tyree Bastidas broke two fingers during the final match against D. Garnett, but kept on playing only with his left hand that dominated his opponent almost to the end, when his opponent took advantage of Bastidas’ weak return to barely win by two points.

The Frontball organization will fly all participants to this main event that has already been billed as the best of the best Frontball showdown in recent years.

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USHA National Three-Wall Championships – a late arrival triggers an early departure.






Everyone at the courts was wondering where Emmett Peixoto was during the first day of the tournament. Later on we were told Mr. Peixoto couldn’t get a fly on time for his first match on Thursday, but had already made previous arrangements to play his first match on Friday.

Mr. Peixoto did get to play and win his first match on Friday morning, but found himself dragging his feet during his second match as he was playing back-to-back matches.

Emmett eventually lost an exhausted third game that left him unable to stand up for a while. He did return the next day to watch the semifinals of Tyree vs Nick, but was never seen again after that.

PSAL City wide Handball High School Championships -team (boys)






Photos by Sean Delevan.

The 1-wall high school competition came to an end on June of 2014. It’s the most celebrated handball competition among high school students that yielded the best two handball teams in the city that fought for the title. Both teams had to go through a long process of elimination that covers about thirty different rounds against a lot of teams across the city that have a goal in common, the citywide title.

The competition is so tough, the results of this year shows once again why no team has ever won the title three years in a row during the past 14 years.

Congratulations to all teams

2001 Aviation defeated Midwood  

2002 Art & Design defeated Midwood

2003 Forest Hills defeated Bowne

2004 Forest Hills defeated Midwood

2005 Midwood defeated Fort Hamilton

2006 Grand Street Campus defeated Fort Hamilton

2007 Brooklyn Tech defeated Bronx Science

2008 Midwood defeated Bronx Science

2009 Midwood defeated Telecommunication Arts & Design

2010 Bronx Science defeated Forest Hills

2011 Midwood defeated Bayside

2012 Bayside defeated Stuyvesant

2013 Bayside defeated Francis Lewis

2014 Francis Lewis defeated Brooklyn Tech

Coach Mike Dau from Lake Forest – Tyree declines offer from famous handball Coach.






Mr. Dau has been recruiting young talent for the past 40 years and has been successful in retaining many handball players into the game.

During the 2007 4-wall juniors nationals in Tucson Arizona, Mr. Dau approached Tyree  to let him know that it would be an interesting opportunity for Tyree to apply to Lake Forest College for a good education and an opportunity to represent the College by playing 4-wall handball.

Mr. Dau, a Lake Forest College graduate himself (1958), did help Tyree by personally sending him the college application and other paper work to facilitate Tyree’s enrollment. But after careful consideration, Tyree declined the invitation and stayed in New York “It was a tough decision to be made” Tyree said.

“I would have loved to attend Lake Forest College, but that would have meant for me to  move from New York and that wasn’t in my plans back then.”

But just because Tyree declined Mr. Dau’s invitation, it didn’t stop them from talking to each other. In fact, every time there is an opportunity, Mr. Dau is always advising Tyree on different techniques on how to play and win a game as shown in the photo above.

Congratulations to Mr. Dau for a successful career at Lake Forest College.

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Blending the Past and the Present

For The Record:

Tyree holds the record for the longest undefeated handball run (1-, 3- & 4-wall juniors singles competition). His record winning streak lasted 896 days - July, 2007 - December, 2009.