Handball player for life.

Tyree’s successful handball journey comes with a bumpy ride – eleven defeats.






Photo by Mike Grabowski.

We have previously posted Tyree’s winning record in the open division in the past ten years. And now we are posting his losses during the same period of time as we believe winnings and losses are part of his handball resume.

We were surprised to find out that Tyree has been very close in extending his wining record, had he reversed the losses. Sure we can fantasize how big his record could have been, had he won them all. But nope, here in Tyree’s website we don’t fantasize, we go by winnings and losses as both are part of his amazing handball record.

We rarely hear or read about other handball player's losses, but here in Tyree's website one can read about both: his winnings and losses.

Keep in mind that all of the following losses occurred during the championship matches, while most of his losses happened by playing in the men's open doubles division.

2008 CHA 4-wall nationals (men’s open doubles)

2009 USHA 1-wall nationals (men’s open doubles)

2010 USHA 3-wall nationals (men’s open singles)

2011 USHA 1-wall nationals (men’s open singles)

2012 CHA 4-wall nationals (men’s open singles)

2012 USHA 3-wall nationals (men’s open singles)

2012 USHA 3-wall nationals (men’s open doubles)

2013 USHA 1-wall nationals (men’s open doubles)

2013 USHA 3-wall nationals (men’s open doubles)

2014 USHA 1-wall nationals (men’s open doubles)

2014 USHA 3-wall nationals (men’s open singles)

USHA National Three-Wall Championships – George Miller celebrates 3-wall 40th year Anniversary at Maumee.






George Miller has been the man behind the success of the 3-wall nationals held in Maumee since 1974 and he is not shy to say it ‘I’ve been in charge of this tournament since it started, but I’ve gotten more involved in the last twenty years” Mr. Miller said.

Mr. Miller is not alone in running this tournament, there are other people helping around behind the scenes and for that he’s very thankful.

“Without everyone else helping around the courts, it would have been impossible to run this tournament” Mr. Miller commented.

We have to agree with him. The 3-wall handball tournament is one of the most organized handball tournaments in the U.S.. It’s the main reason it attracts the best players of the game.

Congratulations to Mr. George Miller for running a top notch tourney.

USHA National One-Wall Championships – Billy battles Tyree –meets him in semis – again.






Bottom photo by Billy Fand.

Billy O’Donnell and Tyree Bastidas played in the semifinals of the USHA 1- wall championships. No, not the men’s open, but at the juniors 19-and-under singles division played in Queens during the summer of 2007.

Tyree had captured the 15-and under divisions the previous year and wasn’t supposed to play in the 19-and under age division, but it was normal for him to play up in older divisions. He always enjoyed challenging older players. Back then Tyree lost to the future champion in a tiebreaker. Fast forward seven years and Billy and Tyree find themselves facing each other once again during the semifinals of the men’s open in Brooklyn during the summer of 2014.

Billy and Tyree have come a long way since graduating from the junior divisions. Currently, they hold the world title for the 1-wall men’s open doubles division, while Tyree holds the world 1-wall singles title. Both players were worthy contenders for the national title, and played very smart and aggressive in trying to reach the finals.

Congratulations to Billy and Tyree.

King of The Courts – Timbo beats Tavo.






Timothy Gonzalez won the KOTC for the first time at the conclusion of two days of elimination where 100 players participated.

Timbo Gonzalez was the favorite player to win this year’s KOTC tournament and didn’t disappoint as he beat Tavo, another young big ball player. This is also the first time Timbo wins the KOTC and the USHA 1-wall men’s singles in the same year.

Timbo had reached the finals of the KOTC last year where he had faced John Wright (rookie) for the last time, before rookie retired from serious competition at the age of 40.

Since rookie relinquished the throne by not defending his title, the big ball handball kingdom gates where left wide open for a new king to take over this year, and Timbo Gonzalez wasted no time in taking over the throne, the crown, the title and the honors.

Congratulations to Timothy Gonzalez, the new King of the Courts.

Grand National Series & USHA National One-Wall Championships – Nick Nahorniack plays at Coney Island.






Bottom photo by Bill Fand

Former USHA 4-wall national champion, Nick Nahorniack, a resident from Illinois, traveled to Brooklyn to compete at the 1-wall nationals for the first time.

Mr. Nahorniack is one of the few players in the Association who has realized the benefits of playing 1-wall to earn points for the Grand National Series that takes place around the U.S. He only played in the men’s doubles division as he couldn’t get a flight to arrive during the first day of the tournament.

N. Nahorniack took second honors at the Grand National Series last year as he accumulated lots of points with his impressive performance across the country. This year, he displayed excellent handball skills on the courts where he teamed up with 1-wall junior handball star, Robert Lee.

Team Nahorniack/Lee won its first match on Thursday morning, but ran into team Bastidas the following day and couldn’t overcome the most experienced team of Jurell and Tyree Bastidas. Nevertheless, Nick showed everyone on the court that he could take on any top player when he returns to the 1-wall nationals next year.

Congratulations to Nick Nahorniack for a great performance on the court.

Blending the Past and the Present

For The Record:

Tyree and Jurell Bastidas are the only brothers to face each other at the men's open championship match of the USHA 1-wall nationals at the Coney Island handball courts.