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National 1-Wall UPDATE - Oh, Brother! - Brothers Jurell (left) and Tyree Bastidas will face-off in tomorrow's Mens Open Singles final.





Photo by Bill Fand 

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BROOKLYN - Tyree Bastidas will have a chance to defend his title in the Mens Open Singles final of the USHA One-Wall Nationals.  Standing in the way of his consecutive singles crown will be the same person with whom he's shared meals, taken family vacations and of course, plays doubles with: his brother Jurell. 
     Top-seeded Tyree defeated Billy O'Donnell in two games 21-7, 21-15, to earn his spot back in the final.  In the other semifinal, No. 2 seed Jurell bested Michael Schneider in two close games, 21-19, 21-16.  The Bastidas brothers are still in the hunt for a doubles title, but will first battle for the singles crown Saturday, 11:30 AM (Eastern). 
     In Womens Open action, Tracy Davis looks to win her third consecutive title when she faces last year's finals opponent, Danielle Daskalakis. 
In this year's field, Davis has proven to be unstoppable with her tremendous serve and athleticism, but the lefty Daskalakis also owns a lethal serve and hopes to add the Small Ball title to her Big Ball crown she won last month. 

USHA National Three-Wall Championships – Nick Nahorniack and Tyree Bastidas celebrate.






Why are Tyree and Nick celebrating?

Every year since they graduated from junior competition, Tyree and Nick have participated at the USHA 3-wall nationals with some degree of success; either by reaching the championship matches of the men’s singles or doubles or by capturing the title.

Nick Nahorniak and Tyree Bastidas are some of the junior players who decided to stay in the game to play in the open division and keep challenging the best players of the game. They have made the 3-wall tournament, the site to get together, celebrate and plan ahead for other upcoming events.

They have played as a team in the USHA nationals during the spring and at the Simple Green U. S. Open of Handball during the fall.

Congratulations to Nick and Tyree.

USHA National One-Wall Championships – players from England compete in NY.






You never know what to expect in the women division: sometimes the 1-wall nationals draw Canadian players, other times, Irish players and now English players.

This year the 1-wall handball community, again, was entertained with players from England, who competed along the American players in the singles and doubles events. But as in the past, Danielle Daskalakis and Tracy Davis pulled away from the rest of the players with their outstanding performances.

King of the Courts – Fabrizio Alvarez – underrated big ball player.






Bottom Photo by Bill Fand

Almost everyone in New York has seen Mr. Alvarez play big ball at his best and almost everyone has seen him won tournaments by taking down some of the top players of the game. But this year, for various reasons, F. Alvarez was fed to T. Gonzalez in the earlier rounds of the KOTC and Red Bull tournaments, only to see his hopes of advancing deep into the draw vanish.

If we take Timothy Gonzalez out of Mr. Alvarez’s way, we could clearly see F. Alvarez advance either to the semis and finals.

Fabrizio Alvarez is not an amateur player and he is not to be taken lightly when it comes to big ball competition. Sure his game has slowdown due to recent family commitments, but do not underestimate his game, he is a pure big ball player with experience in indoor and outdoor competition.

USHA National Three-Wall Championships – Emmett Peixoto’s Crushing Experience.






Two crushing tiebreakers in the past two years has left Mr. Peixoto reeling after a second dream season came to a nightmarish end at the 3-wall nationals in Maumee, Ohio.

Emmett Peixoto experienced two similar crushing experiences at the hands of Tyree Bastidas and Braulio Ruiz.

On both occasions he won the first game and on both occasions he lost the second and third game. Similarly, on both occasions he found himself out of gas and gasping for air after being outplayed by his younger opponents. But what really went wrong with Mr. Peixoto during these two ugly crushing experiences?

Nothing was wrong with Mr. Peixoto. He just happened to run into two young players with great outdoor handball skills: B. Ruiz (3-wall short walls specialist) and T. Bastidas (1-wall specialist). “Emmett is such a dramatic player on the court, but he’s such a fun player to watch” Tyree said as he was enjoying and watching Emmett’s last game.

Blending the Past and the Present

For The Record:

Tyree and Jurell Bastidas are the youngest brothers in the association to face each other at the USHA 1-wall championship match of the men's open singles division.