Handball player for life.

King of the Courts – big ball tournament crowns its royals.







Top photo by Bill Fand


The most important 1-wall big ball tournament on the East Coast celebrated in big fashion on Sunday July 20.

The tournament drew perhaps the biggest draw in its short history, and also drew the best big ball and small ball players in the U.S., that included Cesar Sala and Tyree Bastidas.

The King of the Courts tournament has become an iconic event in New York, where every year players look forward to play in it. It’s probably become the most organized big ball tournament across the city with a few minor details to be iron-out “I always come to watch the games, but I don’t understand why players are not required to wear eye guards for their own safety” said a handball fan.

We agree with this fan, but we can only hope this minor detail gets worked out in the near future. Players do have the option to wear eye guards of their choice.

Congratulations to all players for participating and supporting this fun tournament.

USHA national 3-wall championships – great perks for a great tournament – massage for the masses.





The USHA tournament with the best hospitality in the U.S. also has the best perks for all players during the entire long weekend.

Players who usually forget to bring everything they need to play in Ohio, can count on the USHA tent, which is stocked with balls, gloves, shirts, eye guards and a great variety of other items.

For those looking to save, the 3-wall tournament is the best occasion to take advantage of already-reduced prices.

The tournament also offers massages to all players willing to feel better before and after their games. The massage mobile unit, managed by an independent contractor, has been operating at the Maumee Recreational Center during the 3-wall nationals every year for at least the past 10 years.

USHA National 1-wall Championships – Eugene Lau captures A & B singles titles - rising star.






Top Photo by Sean Delevan

We don’t really have many juniors trying to win two singles events at any national championship in any handball form (1-, 3- and 4-wall). But Eugene Lau from Benjamin Cardozo high school rose to the occasion this summer and took the rare challenge that only a few players his age dare to perform.

Mr. Lau captured both divisions at the end of the tournament and proved himself he can adjust to any ball or game.

He’s the current USHA national 4-wall big ball 17-and under defending champion and now holds the USHA small ball A and B national singles titles. Few junior players can boast about these type of winnings achieved in less than a year. “I’m trying to win as many different handball tournaments, the same way Tyree did” Eugene said.

Eugene Lau has been in the finals (singles and doubles) of both: the Annual HS Spring Meet and the Mayor’s Cup where he also captured titles. He is the current PSAL singles 1-wall champion.

Because Eugene has a power game, he may try to go to the USHA 3-wall jr nationals next year to add another handball version victory to his impressive trophy collection.

Congratulations to Mr. Eugene Lau.

Hispanic Heritage Month – Armando Ortiz, Braulio Ruiz, Jurell and Tyree Bastidas.






During National Hispanic month (September 15 to October 15) we recognize the contributions made and the importance presence of Hispanic and Latino Americans to the United States and celebrate their heritage and culture.

This year we are recognizing four players of Hispanic origin who gained accolades when they all made it to the championship match of the USHA men’s open 1- or 3-wall in the past year.

Tyree and Jurell Bastidas made it to the championship match of the 3-wall men’s doubles on September of 2013. Team Bastidas reached the finals of the 1-wall in 2013 and 2014.

Both brothers also cornered the USHA 1-wall national of the men’s open singles division in 2014 while Tyree Bastidas won the USHA 3-wall singles on September 2013 and the 1-wall national singles titles in 2013 and 2014.

Jurell Bastidas also won the WPH 3-wall short wall men's singles on Sept of 2013 and the WPH 3-wall men's doubles in 2014. He also won the WPH 1-wall men’s open singles title on September of 2014.

Braulio Ruiz teamed up with Armando Ortiz during the year where they won almost every event they entered to top off their string of victories by winning the USHA 3-wall championship match of the men’s open doubles division in 2014.

Congratulations to all players for their outstanding performance in the handball sport.

WPH 3 Wallball Handball World Championships - upset in the 3-wall small ball.






Photo by WPH

The small ball game sometimes brings us big surprises that are common in any event and this year was not different at the successful annual WPH event at the Las Vegas strip.

In 2013 Jurell Bastidas upset Luis Moreno, the defendant champion, but this year Jurell was upset by Braulio Ruiz, a pure specialist in the 3-short-wall game “I played really bad and Braulio deserved to win” said Jurell

“I’ll be focusing on my 3-wall doubles game and my 1-wall singles event on the weekend”

Blending the Past and the Present

For The Record:

Jurell Bastidas is the only player in the WPH to have been in most finals of the 1- & 3-wall small ball events in two consecutive years.

Sept 2013  WPH 1wall men's open singles finalist

Sept 2013 WPH 3-wall men's open singles champion

Sept 2014 WPH 3-wall men's open doubles champion

Sept 2014 WPH 1-wall men's open singles champion