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World Handball Championships – Tyree Bastidas becomes the youngest player to slam – raises the bar by displacing Paul Brady







Tyree Bastidas and Paul Brady were the best players in 1- and 4-wall respectively. Both players reached the championship matches of the singles and doubles open competition, and while Brady captured only the singles title, Bastidas captured both; the singles and doubles titles.

There is no doubt Mr. Brady’s run at the world handball open competition was fantastic. He proved that in Dublin, Ireland from October 11-21.

On the other hand, Tyree Bastidas took his game to a higher level by capturing two open titles.

At just 22 years old Tyree Bastidas slammed in the 1-wall small ball singles & doubles. He became the youngest player to do so, in either 1 or 4-wall, to achieve this feat. In addition, he also competed in 1-wall big ball & 4-wall small ball divisions. In 1-wall big ball singles he lost in a semifinal tie-breaker to Tywan Cook, the eventual champion. In 4-wall, he lost to L. Moreno, the runner-up in the men's open singles final.

Mr. Brady’s athleticism was amazing in the 4-wall handball world when he captured the singles title, but Bastidas’ athleticism was even more amazing when he actually challenged all the best players in the world in any handball version by playing in five open events back to back with two different balls.

A phenomenal player his likes will be hard to duplicate.

Congratulations to the following players for slamming at the men’s open in 1- and 4-wall versions with the small or big ball:

World Handball Championships 4-wall (singles and doubles):

1997 John Bike Jr. (31 years old)

        John Bike Jr. and Dave Chapman.

2000 Dave Chapman (25 years old)

        Dave Chapman and Danny Bell.

2003 Paul Brady (24 years old)

        Paul Brady and Michael Finnegan.


World Handball Championships 1-wall (singles and doubles):

2003 Herman Mendez (30 years old) – big ball

        Herman Mendez and Willie Polanco – big ball

2006 William Polanco (31 years old) – big ball

        William Polanco and Tony Roberts – big ball

2012 Tyree Bastidas (22 years old) – small ball

        Tyree Bastidas and Bill O’Donnell - small ball

USHA National Three-Wall Championships – Tyree wins biggest purse at Toledo – Versatility pays off by the numbers.






Tyree Bastidas proved again why he is the best all-around handball player in America. He played in three open handball events in two handball versions and walked out with more money than any other player at the Lucas Recreational Center.

How does he manage to pull something like that? Plain and simple, Tyree is not afraid to lose as he knows his capabilities and limitations. Not only he challenged the best 3-wall players in the U.S., he also challenged the best 1-wall players of the game during the same Labor Day weekend.

Tyree was the youngest player to play in both open events (1-and 3-wall). He was also the only player to reach all championship matches (1-wall – singles; 3-wall – singles and doubles). Some people may be wondering why he’s always smiling in the photos above. He’s just laughing all the way to the bank after a successful handball weekend.

Tyree won the most money* by playing in three open events:

1-wall – singles – 800.00

3-wall – singles – 750.00

3-wall – doubles – 250.00

* open events do not include bonuses from his sponsors for reaching at least two finals.

World Handball Championships – Luis Moreno redeems himself in the 4-wall game – Talented Tyree outsmarts top players.





Photos by various.


Luis Moreno, the winner of the first WPH Race 48 Pro Tour in the U.S faced 1-wall champion Tyree Bastidas on October 14. The match was a good opportunity for Moreno to redeem himself after suffering defeats at the hands of Bastidas.

Tyree Bastidas, the most versatile player of his generation had defeated Moreno twice in two different handball versions at the open level. “Luis Moreno was on a mission” said WPH player and Commentator D. Fink.

Indeed, Luis Moreno was on a mission as the 4-wall match was the only opportunity left on the table for Moreno to prove himself. T. Bastidas had defeated Moreno in 1- and 3-wall open events from East to West in the U.S.(Toledo/Tucson).

The 4-wall match at the worlds was fairly even half way into the first game while tied at 11, but after Moreno realized he was being outsmarted by New York 1-wall sensation, Tyree Bastidas, he decided to blast his way thru the second game. “Moreno has fallen into Bastidas’ game and needs to get out of it” said D. Vincent from the WPH.

“Tyree didn’t have an answer to the 80+ mph shot balls thrown at him. said Bob Lee, a Tyree follower.

“It seems that the only way the top players in the sport can beat Tyree is by blasting their way thru”

Mr. Lee might be right; a similar situation took place during the recent 3-wall national championship match when T. Bastidas outsmarted hard-hitter S. Lenning to win the first game. In a desperate attempt by S. Lenning , he also opted to overpower Tyree and blasted his way thru the third game to end the match on his favor.

USHA National Junior Four-Wall Championships - Tyree Bastidas, a handball player for life – Go places….go far…..The Road is open.






How did Tyree become the best junior handball player? He played in many junior handball tournaments, including the 4-wall Junior Nationals to take place in Chicago in the last week of December. As a matter of fact, it was in Chicago where Tyree played his last junior 4-wall tournament.

Do you want to have fun? Chicago is the place to be.

Do you want to play the best junior players? Play at the Lattof “YMCA”.

Do you want to travel and have fun? Register to play.

T. Bastidas has traveled so much thanks to the sport of handball. Never in his wildest dream, he thought he would be on the road heading towards handball tournaments so often.

Handball, when taken seriously can take a player far, very far. But in order to achieve this, a player has to commit a great amount of time to the sport.

Tyree didn’t get to where he is overnight. It took years and a lot of practice to master the three handball versions. He traveled a lot because the road to success was so wide open that he didn’t want to miss any opportunity on his way to be what he wanted to be, a champion.

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USHA National Three-Wall Championships – battle of the brothers – crucial clash





Photo above by USHA 


For the first time in the history of the game or perhaps in recent memory, two brother’s teams: one from Chicago and one from Brooklyn, fought for the title during a hot Labor Day weekend.

Team Bastidas from New York and Team Szatkowiski from Illinois earned unexpected victories against the No. 1 and No. 2 seeded teams on September 1.

Team Szatkowski almost saw its efforts go unrewarded on September 3, when team Bastidas dictated the pace for most of the first game. Team Bastidas outworked them until they had game point, but for some strange reason team Bastidas failed to close out the game with some scoring opportunities.

“We had a few opportunities that we blew”, Tyree said.

While team Bastidas took a step forward in its historic first win versus team Szatkwoski last year, it took a step backward with its misguided overconfident approach this year.

Team Szatkwoski has been to the finals on several occasions and with all that built-up experience throughout the past 15 years, they managed to capture the title that had been eluding them for quite some time.

Congratulations to the new champions.

Blending the Past and the Present



For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the only player to slam (small ball) at the open level (men & women) at the 14th World Handball Championships held in Ireland.