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Tyree Bastidas visiting and honoring the past Legends at the USHA Hall of Fame building in Tucson, Arizona.


This section is about what Hispanics have achieved in the sport of handball in the USA and those making history today.
We owe to celebrate the great achievements of the best Hispanic handball players in the USA in the past and in the present.
Today, Latinos make up a significant portion of both the US handball Association players and fan bases. As of Opening Day 2009,  a great percentage of all US handball players were born in a Latin American country or to parents of Hispanic descent.
Although Hispanics handball players have been participating in handball  championships since the second half of the 20th century, it was not until the 1970’s that they gained a respectable presence in the history books.
You don’t have to speak Spanish to recognize the faces, names and talent of  Hispanic handball players in the US.  So many great players have come out of Latin American countries, that most U.S. fans take it for granted that Hispanics players will be among their favorite leaders and best players.
Since the 1970‘s, Hispanics players have achieved levels of excellence that have crossed over cultural barriers and made them universally beloved stars of handball, thereby assuring that they will always be considered among the greatest to ever play the game.
In addition, we owe a debt of gratitude to the great Hispanic handball players who helped forge the future of  handball by putting on an awe inspiring demonstration of special abilities and talent of their own, including: Naty Alvarado Sr, Vince Munoz, as well as the next generation of Hispanics junior champions, such as Tyree Bastidas.
Congratulations to the best Hispanic handball players and USHA record holders:

Naty Alvarado's eleven National titles (four-wall).
Vince Munoz's ten National titles ( three-wall).
Tyree Bastidas' more than forty USHA juniors and Open (combined) National titles in (one-, three-, and four-wall) as of 2015.

Greatest handball players of All-Time


Greatest All Around Players

These players constantly reigned and dominated one-, three-, and four-wall handball national championships during their time. Their unlimited handball skills, their great variety of shots and their highest level of play set them apart from the rest.

Oscar Obert, Open player ( NY )

Vic Hershkowitz, ( dec’d ) Open player ( NY )

Tyree Bastidas, Junior player ( NY ).


Greatest Hispanics Handball Players And Record Holders in USHA History

These players specialized and won at least two forms of handball or combined handball versions. They are also the all-time record holders in the USHA. Their highest level of play was the reason to accomplish these unique and extraordinary milestones.

Naty Alvarado Sr, eleven Open National Titles (four-wall).

Vince Munoz, ten Open National Titles (three-wall).

Tyree Bastidas, thirty one Junior National Titles (one-, three-, and four-wall).


Passing the torch at the 2005 USHA National Three-Wall Championships.

Toledo, Ohio. A memorable Championship.


In a rare picture, USHA record holder,Vince Munoz, poses with Tyree Bastidas at the Three-Wall Nationals in Toledo, Ohio for the last time.


Originally, Vince Munoz, a young Hispanic handball player had taken the mantel from Naty Alvarado Sr, who had retired in 1990. Munoz has continued representing the Latin community with honor and pride until 2005. After Munoz won his tenth National Three-Wall Title in 2005 and unofficially retiring from three-wall national championships, a young Hispanic handball player, Tyree Bastidas, from New York, took the mantel from Vince Munoz. Coincidentally, Bastidas won his first USHA National Junior Three-Wall Championship at the same tournament under the watchful eye of Vince Munoz, and it marked the beginning of the Bastidas' era in three-wall juniors championships.

Two great players, two different generations. K. Davidoff posing with champ Tyree Bastidas and finalist Mike Olarte at the USHA National One-Wall Juniors Championships in New York.







Simplegreen - U.S. Open Of Handball - Naty Alvarado Classic.




Photo courtesy of V.P. Pavarati.

Naty alvarado Sr and Tyree Bastidas talking about the benefits of good drinks during an interview at Los Caballeros Sports Center in Fountain Valley, California in 2008.

Naty Alvarado Sr is the first Hispanic handball player to have inspired future generations of handball players.

In a 14-year career, he inspired and encouraged young handball players across America to follow his steps.
Naty Alvarado’s legacy will be always remembered by future generations.

Blending the Past and the Present.