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Marcel Goldfard - 1970 High School handball champion – defeats Sandler in USHA 1-wall nationals.





From l: Marcel Goldfarb hits the ball at Brighton Beach Bath Stadium, Neal Bocian, the main referee, Mark Levine and Steve Lott.


Recently we learned that Steve Sandler had suffered another humiliating defeat at the hands of another teenager during his illustrious handball career. Thus, we have been forced to add teen Marcel Goldfard's name to the Parade of teenagers who had managed to defeat Steve Sandler at the open national level.

Marcel Goldfarb, the winner of the 1970 PSAL singles high school division, took Sandler out in the quarters of the 1972 USHA 1-wall nationals. Teen Goldfarb had a good run starting at the preliminary games all the way to the semifinals where he was overpowered by eventual champion Wally Ulbrich, who happened to slam that year.

Perhaps Marcel Goldfarb' game wasn't of the high caliber as the other two teens who beat Sandler: Joel Davidson and Mark Levine. But was good enough to take Sandler down in two games as Marcel was a fast left hand player and this might have contributed to Sandler's downfall.

To be fair in our article we also learned that Steve Sandler had suffered a bad chest bruise in his previous match (a different day) against Ruby Obert when he walked into Obert's elbow in the course of play.

After interviewing some old-timers in various Parks we concluded that Marcel Goldfarb had retired sooner than expected after doing some soul-searching on family, job and other personal commitments.

But why weren't these teens' amazing victories highlighted or talked about it by players of the past to promote our game and to inspire other young players in our sport?

We do have to admit we are clueless on it, but here is one fan's opinion “Steve's supporters love to talk about his winnings, rarely talk about his losses and never talk about those embarrassing loses to those kids” said Henry Kurt, a handball fan from Bay 8 Park.

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The Long Island Open – age-division champions show why they have experience.





The age divisions at this tournament have always involved excellent players from the past with some of them having 1-, 3- & 4-wall handball roots.

This year their rivalry was revived when the best teams showed up to the championship match early on Sunday morning to deliver their best showing in recent memory.

We have been told that some of these great rivalries started on the 1-wall courts and were brought indoor at the LIO 4-wall handball tournament. In fact some of these players include former Albany/NYHOF & LIO age group division champion: Dan Vera. Previous USHA Grand Master: Graham Palmore and former USHA open national champions: Paul Lonergan, Tony Roberts, Paul Williams, etc.

Congratulations to all these champions.

USHA Hall Of Fame - HOF building celebrates 20th year Anniversary - 1994 - 2014




The rich history of the handball sport can be found within the walls located on 2233 Tucson Blvd in Tucson, Arizona.

Originally, The Association was located in Skokie, Illinois since 1951, but as time went on it outgrew its former facility and started to look for a place to relocate and expand. The USHA eventually relocated in 1982.

Under the leadership of Carl Porter the association moved southwest where it's currently located, and in the years ahead it raised funds to build the Hall of Fame division within its facility. Players throughout the country rushed to help and support this idea and the HOF became a reality in 1994.

Since the HOF building opened its doors to the public it has become a must-see attraction for handball fans and players.

People should visit the Hall Of Fame and learn about the history of our sport and the players” Tyree said.

Bring your family! Bring your friends! You'll be happy you did!

The Long Island Open – man down – No happy ending for Team Bastidas.



The men’s open doubles final has always been a perennial battle among two teams: Team Bastidas and Team O’Donnell/Schneider. Both teams have managed to captured the title on several occasions in the past ten years, but this year it was team O’Donnell/Schneider's turn to win the title and the honors that came with it.

After Team Bastidas' harrowing victory in the semifinals, in which they nearly squandered a big lead, they managed to squeak by to the finals. But no matter how much hard team Bastidas tried since the beginning of the championship game it looked like the title was going to the other team no matter what.

In the end our early prediction proved true as team O’Donnell/Schneider downed team Bastidas and denied a slam to Tyree.

Congratulations to Team O'Donnell/Schneider

Bill Fand's mother passes away – at 107 years.




Dorothy Fand, the mother of long time handball photographer, Bill Fand, passed away in her sleep. She was 107, a remarkable milestone.

The last time we visit Bill and his mother was in the Fall of 2014 where we were lucky to snap one last photo of her along with Tyree and Jurell's sisters: Jeannina and Amalie Bastidas

Mrs. Fand was not the typical old lady from around the corner. She was full cognizant and all of her faculties were intact. Her mind was amazingly sharp. She used to recollect events and family memories with amazing clarity “Her health started to deteriorate about a year ago after she felt by the stairs"  Bill Fand said.                                                                          “She was doing fine before she felt”

The privilege of living to 107 years is granted to just a few. Within that time she has witnessed two world wars, the age of technology, and of course, she had to put up with Bill's new hobby “Photography” and developing negatives all day long at home for the past 40 years.

Blending the Past and the Present



For The Record:

 As of 2015, Tyree Bastidas is the only player to have collected the most "King of the Ring" honors.