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Canada to host 2015 World Soccer and Handball Championships – last call for handball players.





From l: Jurell Bastidas, Bill Mehilos, Tyree Bastidas and Nick Nahorniack. Promotional Photo by Keith Thode.

Canadian Officials are hosting two of the most competitive sports this year. And while the world soccer competition is played out across Canadian territory, the handball competition will be played out in various venues in Calgary, Alberta.

Soccer competition is already underway during the month of June while handball will take place during the month of August.

Both competitions are the highlights of the 2015 Canadian sports calendar and are expected to be attended by hundreds of players representing countries from every continent.

The Canadian Handball Association has extended the deadline to June 30 to accommodate players, families and fans in what is said to be one of the best world championships in terms of competition and hospitality.

Good luck to everyone.

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2015 Long Island Open – Tyree wins 4-wall open singles division - Tournament in memory of Sid Aconsky.




From l: Mike Schneider, Mr. Aconsky, Sid's brother and Tyree Bastidas.

Plaques by  http://absolutelytrophies.com/                                                     Eye Guards by Albert Apuzzi                                                                        Shirts by NYAC                                                                                                           Gloves by OWEN

The popularity of this tournament is not only at the local level as players from other states have made their trip during the rich history of this event. Players from as far as Canada had dared to challenge mother-nature to play in this fun event for more than 30 years.

This year Tyree Bastidas and Mike Schneider reached the finals of the men’s open after they defeated their arch-rivals: Billy O’Donnell and Jurell Bastidas respectively.

The men’s open singles final usually take place on Sunday morning at 9:00am, but was pushed back to 10:00 o’clock during the light snow precipitation to accommodate players and fans that usually come to watch and enjoy the games.

As in the past, Bastidas and Schneider played a very close match that brought back memories of their last confrontation at the 1-wall nationals two years ago when their match finished in a tiebreaker on Bastidas’ favor, 11-10.

Congratulations to Mike and Tyree for another great match.

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Dis-satish-fied handball writer, Dan Flickstein, looks down upon great champion, Satish Jagnandan.





From left: Satish Jagnandan and the late Steve Sandler.                                       Photo by Bill Fand


One of the best 1-wall players in handball history and one of the best servers of the game was ignored by Dan Flickstein in one of his latest article “Champion of Champions” published in the Spring of 2015.

Mr. Flickstein, known in the handball community as Sandler's No 1 fan has done it again, and this time he did it to another great player of our game, Satish Jagnandan.

Dan Flickstein, who has unsuccessfully tried to immortalize Steve Sandler for more than forty years through his handball articles, believes that no matter how good of a player Mr. S. Jagnandan is or how great Satish's serve was, Mr. S. Sandler will always be the best player in his book “Steve has always been Dan's favorite” Albert Apuzzi said.

We do have to agree with Albert as we have also noticed that no matter how great other players' games may have been through their handball careers, Dan Flickstein has always found a way to portrait Sandler as the better player “Dan only sees what he wants to see and as long as the player is not from his era, he won't give him credit” said Alex Vacaro, a handball enthusiast from Marine Park in Brooklyn.

“Dan's articles are really interesting, but unfortunately he's very biased”

This is not the first time we hear about Dan Flickstein being biased. In previous handball articles he's written, he admitted being biased and had to apologize to the players on several occasions “Perhaps it is my personal biases regarding games styles that has caused me to exclude all of them*” Dan wrote in one of his handball articles.

“We don't need Dan's apologies. We just need him to be fair” said Sal

Cassidi, a handball follower from Lincoln Terrace Park. 

* players not from his era, excluded from his personal all-time great 1-wall players list.

Does Paul Brady outplay or overpower the competition?




Many handball fans say Paul just overpowers the competition, others argue he just outplays them while a few say Paul outplays and overpowers the competition. While many fans may differ in opinion on this issue we decided to personally witness how he beat his opponents at the NYAC Invitational in 2015.

On March 15, Paul Brady won the tournament by crushing the competition throughout the long weekend from March 13-15. It’s long been rumored that Paul usually overpowers his opponents more than he outplays them and Paul proved that this weekend “Paul was on fire” said Bob Lee, a junior competitor.

The quarter-final against Armando Ortiz was a battle of hard hitters where Ortiz found himself in the receiving end with no answers to the blistering shots that were coming randomly from left to right. After the game we asked Armando: Why were you having trouble returning Paul’s serves?

“He was serving bullets today. I tried to return his serves, but he got me going from left to right. No matter which way he served he was cracking the ball. It’s just tough to play against a guy who hits the ball that hard” Armando said.

Nothing is impossible in the handball sport - records are meant to be broken – Tyree Bastidas establishes the most records for the Association





“Records come and go and are meant to be broken” a handball fan said.

We agree with this statement, handball records can only hold for so long. Before Tyree started playing handball there were many records that had lasted close to 50 years in the Association, but ever since Tyree entered the competition, he had broken most of them (combined juniors and open competition).

One may wonder: why Tyree has so many records and milestones?

The answer is very simple: Tyree played all handball versions, which gave him the open opportunity to accomplish more than a player who plays only one version.

But just like Tyree has broken and established new records, another player could come along and break them too. Nothing is impossible in handball.

Blending the Past and the Present


For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the first PSAL handball singles champion to win a 1-wall world title in the men's open singles division.