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Handball National Champions step into new level of distinction - USHA Grand National Champions - aiming higher.





Since the beginning of handball competition, players had always aimed to be the best at their local clubs and towns. Later on they aimed to be Regional champions and eventually aimed for National level recognition. This has been the norm of the progressive ladder around the country for more than 90 years.

Throughout the history of the handball sport numerous attempts were made to bring the national title status to a higher level when Glenn T. Hall, an USHA long-time member and a 4-wall player, finally created a formula to include all three handball versions with the small and big ball to award points to the players' performance and ultimately to crown a new USHA Grand National Champion by the end of the handball season.

The best part about it is that all players are automatically entered along with their points tallied for a combined total count at the end of the year.

Are you tired of being labeled either a 1-, 3- or just a 4-wall champion?

If your answer is yes, then step up your game and challenge other players from other handball versions.

This is a great opportunity for any handball player around the world to showcase all of his or her handball skills across the country.

Tyree Bastidas and Danielle Daskalakis are the only players in the USHA to have earned the new step up recognition in the Association in the last two years.

PSAL - Public Schools Athletic League - Double the gold for the Lady Commodores.




by George A. Diaz – Handball Commissioner

Posted On 06/11/2015

Emily Wang & Ying Yuan from Bayside barely broke a sweat in this tournament. They did it with ease and simplicity. They advanced to the finals by a bye in the first round, a forfeit in the quarterfinal round and they powered their way through Jennifer Li & Lily Ruan 21-7 (Bronx Science) in the semifinals.

In the finals, they faced the Lady Engineers from Brooklyn Technical, Ashley Zheng Liang & Tiffany Chin. They made their way through the finals by a bye in the first round, defeated Hu Min Li & Katherine Lee (Fort Hamilton) 21-12 in the quarterfinal round and Elaine Chen & Sally Xu (Bayside) 21-6 in the semifinals.

In the championship match it was…...

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These Walls Can Talk - Coney Island handball walls have a soul and a rich history.





Handball fans and players of the game state the walls have a spirit and genius loci of atmosphere attached to it. And if you buy into that, it follows they may have souls and a silence voice that is constantly reminding the players to keep winning and enriching the history of these famous walls.

The great Vic, Oscar, Steve and Joe played on these courts during the 20th century” said Tyree. As a matter of fact Joe Durso was once quoted “the blood and sweat of many players have sipped through the cement throughout the years”

The handball walls symbolize the greatness of this sport and serves as a reminder to the nation of the great handball players that have been cradled around these walls. Every year players compete to aspire to capturing the souls of these walls.

Bastidas heckled at 3-wall short walls - loses to Cordova and rowdy fans.





The handball sport has a player's rule of conduct, but do we have one for handball fans?

This is not the first time Bastidas has complained about fans interrupting his games at the Simple Green 3-short walls.

There was a magnificently regal and arrogant moment late in the third game, with Tyree Bastidas at open war with the Simple Green crowd. “Keep it down,” Bastidas advised the misbehaving spectators, wagging his finger at an aroused public, after he'd instructed the main referee to stop fans from making noises while he's playing.

It was already enough that Chava Cordova, the local favorite, was pushing Tyree to his limits with a great performance. Down during the tiebreaker, with all of Mexicans rooting desperately for a continued meltdown, Bastidas stopped the game once again to remind the referee that a good portion of the audience was always loud and at times openly hostile.

This is not the first time I've played with a crowd there like that” Tyree said after he returned to New York.

They were really vocal, in between points and during points. And all the referee could tell me is that he can't do anything about it because he can't just throw everybody out. I come here to compete just like everyone else. That's all I do. I want to bring my skills to this prestigious handball tournament. It's not about jeering. I would never do that”

PSAL – Public Schools Athletic League - Double the altitude for the Flyers.




by George A. Diaz – Handball Commissioner

Posted On 06/11/2015

The Aviation Flyers flew high at the Individual Championships. Lobsand Chodak & Williams Sanchez were the surprise of the tournament. They made their way through the finals by forfeit in the first round, forfeit in the quarterfinals round and defeated Eduardo Astudillo & Hicham El Alaqui (HS of Telecommunications) 21-15 in the semifinals.

In the finals they faced another surprise of the tournament in Newcomers, Lions Luis Chuquiralao & Jeanpierre Rios. They advanced to the finals by a forfeit in the first round, forfeit in the second round, defeated Harry Zhong & Brandon Zhang (Midwood) in the semifinals 21-14.

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Blending the Past and the Present



For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the only player in the Association to have won three consecutive USHA national 1-wall singles titles in both: the juniors and open divisions.