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Who are the players who won at least three consecutive men's open singles titles at the USHA 1-wall nationals?




Photo by Keith Thode

We don't have many players in this category as winning at least three consecutive times doesn't happen too often in the 1-wall game. The Association has only produced five players in the last fifty five years of national championships which averages to one player for every eleven years of competition.

Throughout the history of 1-wall nationals many players were expected to win continuously, but as time went on their expectations were lowered and their dreams shattered when reality settled in. The opportunities that once seemed endless had whittled down to one last chance every time a player failed to repeat.

The Bronx and Brooklyn are the only boroughs known to have produced players that have won at least three consecutive open singles finals with Bastidas once again spearheading the list as the youngest player to achieve this feat.

Congratulations to the following players:

Year (3 year run)    Name &                 Borough &               Player's

was completed       Last name              State                            age

2015                      Tyree Bastidas        Brooklyn, NY             24

1968                      Steve Sandler          Brooklyn, NY             28

2006                      Satish Jagnandan    Bronx, NY                  29

1961                      Oscar Obert            Bronx, NY                  30

1989                      Joe  Durso              Brooklyn, NY             34

Dispelling the Myth in the handball world - Believe it or not!




Photo by Keith Thode

Myth - It's easy to win at least three consecutive 1-wall national singles titles!

Fact - Actually, it's hard, but it's even harder to accomplish this run in 1-wall than in the other two handball versions (3-& 4-wall).

Although there are only five players who have won at least three consecutive 1-wall wins in the USHA, the AAU 1-wall nationals records book shows no players winning three consecutive times in more than fifty years of competition.

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Mirror images of Paul Brady and Paul Haber - both at 35-years old, default in doubles events.





Photos from l: WPH and SI

We have an interesting handball story submitted by Kevin Cyrus from Colorado in response to our previous article on P. Brady's recent default. The story dates back to the USHA 4-wall nationals in 1972 when defending five-time singles champion Paul Haber at the age of 35, dared to play singles and doubles events against everyone's advise.

Paul Haber may have only captured five national titles, half of what current USHA champion Paul Brady has (10), but Haber always made sure he went both ways in his quest to greatness.

On the other hand Paul Brady has always made sure he only played one event (singles) at the USHA 4-wall nationals, which has been one of the reasons why he's captured twice as many titles than Haber.

When Paul Haber struggled to defeat Randy Essel in the men's singles quarterfinal, he decided to drop (default) from doubles competition after he and his partner Paul Morlos had won their first round.

Paul Brady also at 35 surprised everyone when he decided to go both ways at the worlds in 2015. But because he had to struggle to defeat Charlie Shanks in the men's singles quarterfinals he also decided to drop (default) from doubles competition after he and his partner Finnegan had already won their first match.

Paul Haber never won another 4-wall national singles title after he turned 35. But Paul Brady, who will turned 36 on September, 2015, will have another opportunity to win a 4-wall singles title in the spring of 2016 when he may zero in to all-time USHA 4-wall record holder Naty Alvarado Sr. (11 singles titles).

Women Fronton finals yield the best players.





Top Photo - Maritxu Housset returning a ball.                                           

Bottom Photo from l - Jasmina Djukanovic and Jessica Lopez with Fronton Official in New York.

Two women share the podium as the best players in the popular fronton sport: Maritxu Housset from Europe and Jessica Lopez from America.

The women division was inaugurated a couple of years after the men's division became a success story around the world. In order for any woman to play in the Anglet, France showdown, they needed to qualify by winning any women pro stop held in various countries throughout the year.

All Fronton final showdowns were held indoors in France with the exception of the 2015 event that was moved to New York and played outdoors during the month of June.

Congratulations to the champions and runner-ups.

2012 Maritxu Housset (France) vs Jessica López (U.S.)

2013 Jessica Lopez (U.S.) vs Jasmina Djukanovic (Bosnia)

2014 Maritxu Housset (France) vs Danielle Daskalakis (U.S.)

2015 Jessica Lopez (U.S.) vs Jasmina Djukanovic (Bosnia)

Blending the Past and the Present


For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas and Oscar Obert are the only players in the Association to have won a USHA 3-wall singles open national title and won three consecutive USHA 1-wall singles open titles.