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Grand National Series News...............



Grand National Series News...

Photo above by USHA - Action from the 2015 One-Wall Nationals Doubles final. Tyree Bastidas and Timbo Gonzalez are locked in a two-player race for the lead in the 2015 Grand National Series.

By Glenn Hall - Re-posted from USHA Court Shorts -Handball News.

The top spot on the leader board for the 2015 Grand National Series (GNS) has changed hands as the events favoring each of our top players' strengths unfolds. Timbo Gonzalez jumped to a quick lead in the Men's standings after the Big Ball Nationals, but Tyree Bastidas has raced ahead following the Player's Cup Small Ball singles and Small Ball Doubles at the Speakers Cup. Timbo surged back into the top spot with a repeat at "King of the Courts" with 33 points to Tyree's 27. Close behind are Tywan Cook (25) Willie Polanco (24) and Sean Lenning (20)

Sandy Ng has risen to the top of the Women's standings with 36 points over two-time GNS Champion Danielle Daskalakis's 30. Spots 3-5 belong to Ireland's Catriona Casey, Aisling Reilly and Ciana Ni Churraoin, respectively, who scored successfully in the 4-Wall Nationals at Los Cab.

William O'Donnell fulfills 1-wall dream - captures 1st USHA national title.




Photos by Holly Koffler - Top Photo - William O'Donnell.

Mr. O'Donnell has always aimed to win an open national title since he was a junior player. He's been competing at the open level since he graduated from juniors competition and knows the probabilities of winning an open title in modern times are less than the ones afforded to players of the past who used to compete in two different national tournaments (AAU & USHA). But that didn't bother him and charged ahead with his partner, Tyree Bastidas, to capture his first USHA national open title at the Municipal courts in Coney Island.

In 2014 we quoted Mr. O' Donnell at the end of the 1-wall nationals “I'll win this tournament next year,he said.

Prior to the 1-wall nationals William O'Donnell was reaching the semis and finals of some of the 1-wall open local events and was favored to reach the finals of the 1-wall nationals. Unfortunately he ran into Tyree during the semis.

This year, O'Donnell and Bastidas reached the championship match of the men's open doubles division to capture the title against two worthy opponents: Victor Lopierre and Timbo Gonzalez. O'Donnell and Bastidas had previously teamed up in 2012 at the worlds handball championships in Ireland to capture the 1-wall doubles event to become the youngest team to ever win the title in the men's open division.

Congratulations to Mr. William O'Donnell.

Photobook Month - The Mecca of Coney Island




Photo by Keith Thode

by Fabrizio Albertinireposted from Darwin Magazine

Cited as a holy city of handball, photographer Fabrizio Albertini presents a body of work set within Coney Island New York. Handball is in New York’s veins, it’s a beat which keeps pulsating and bringing more and more people to the sport. Within Albertini’s images we are introduced to young and old players of the sport, giving us a sense of time of how long this sport has been played and loved by many. The choice to shoot the entire project with Polaroid is fitting; this fast paced sport should be reflected in the medium used to capture it. The speed at which we can get photographs physically into our hands as tangible objects is through the use of a Polaroid camera.

There is a beat and rhythm that works it way into the edit, the speed of the ball bouncing off concrete walls finds its way into the book. Blurry shots of men diving and jumping to keep the game going also act as ways of keeping the book light and not stodgy and dull. The book over all allows plenty of space for the photographs to breathe, as well as allowing the ball itself to bounce through the edit, bouncing off pages and onto others. Only stopping now and then for portraits of handball players, which due to the aesthetics of the film, place them in a point in time, which is difficult to underpin.

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Dispelling the Myth in the Handball World - Believe it or not



Photo by Keith Thode - Jimmy Jacobs at the 3-wall nationals.

Myth – There are many players who have won at least three USHA consecutive open singles titles in more than one handball version.

Fact – There are only two players in the association to have accomplished this feat: Jimmy Jacobs and Naty Alvarado (3-and 4-wall versions).

Blending the Past and the Present


For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the only player in the association "USHA" to have won three consecutive 1-wall singles titles in the juniors and open divisions.