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Consecutive winnings in USHA Handball History - Bastidas at 24, joins small elite group with established records.



Photo by Bill Fand - In an undated photo, Jurell Bastidas takes position to hit the ball as his brother Tyree (green shirt), watches while playing against team Joe Kaplan/Cesar Sala (not in photo).

Every handball player aims to win titles to win recognition and to separate himself from the rest of the competition. Others just play their best and hope to get everyone's attention even if they don't win.

On August 9, Tyree Bastidas became the 5th player in the Association (USHA) to defend his title  and to win  his third title three years in a row in more than fifty years of USHA 1-wall open competition.

It's not easy when everyone tries their best to take you down” said Tyree.

USHA 1-Wall Handball History never produced many champions with at least three consecutive singles winnings. It's another proof that winning consecutive titles is a very challenging task.

Having vanquished all 1-wall champions who have won two consecutive singles titles, Tyree Bastidas tied the great Oscar Obert's record (first USHA player to have won three consecutive singles titles), and has set his sights on Satish Jagnandan's four consecutive singles winning record next year.

In the past there were only two groups of 1-wall players (three and six consecutive winning champions in the Association), but after the turn of the century Satish Jagnandan positioned himself in a new group with his well-deserved four consecutive winnings.

We have listed the only five players in the USHA who have established at least three consecutive extraordinary singles runs along with the player's age and the year when their first consecutive winning record was established.

Congratulations to the following players:


Year run was            Name &                  # of consecutive           Player's

accomplished           Last name               Singles Titles                age

1961                         Oscar Obert            Three                              32

2015                         Tyree Bastidas        Three                              24


2007                         Satish Jagnandan    Four                                30


1971                         Steve Sandler          Six                                  31

1992                         Joe Durso                Six                                  37

2015 3-wall nationals - Nahorniack and Bastidas reach semis again.




Top two Photos by Keith Thode

For the first time, both players had entered the tournament not quite ready to be champions, but good enough to earn a shot at the final game. While Nahorniack was still recuperating from his knee surgery, Bastidas didn't get to practice 3-wall at all due to his long handball schedule. But despite these issues both players fought their way to the semis to face each other once again in another friendly handball rivalry that started in juniors competition.

The semifinals at the men's open singles division in the last couple of years has seen Nick Nahorniack and Tyree Bastidas battle for a spot at the championship match. Both times the games were tough and both times the players had finished exhausted, but in the end, Bastidas has managed somehow to squeeze by to get a shot at the national title.

Congratulations to Nick and Tyree for another terrific match staged on Sunday, September 6.

Dispelling the Myth in the Handball World - Believe it or not!



Photo by ICHA

The Only player in the association “USHA” to have won three consecutive 1-wall national singles titles more than once is Oscar Obert.

1959-1961 and 1963-1965.

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Worlds Handball Championships - U.S. team falls to Irish team.




The 4-wall men's open doubles division played in Calgary promised to be one of the toughest and most exciting events as close to twenty teams from different countries vied for the honors.

It took a long match victory for team Nahorniack/Bastidas to beat a tough Irish team (Diarmaid Nash and Martin Mulkerrins) to advance to the USHA 4-wall finals to claim the national title in 2013. But they weren't as fortunate this time around as they lost at the worlds in another long and tough tiebreaker (11-9) to a good Irish team: Conor McElduff / Killian Carroll from Omagh Co. Tyrone and Cork, Munster.

The match was pushed behind schedule due to other matches that went the three way route. But the long delay didn't bother handball followers and fanatics as they stayed glued to their seats close to midnight to watch the highly-anticipated match. Team Nik Nahorniack/Tyree Bastidas has been drawing big crowds at home and abroad since they won the national title two years ago.

When team Nahorniack/Bastidas was leading midway in the tiebreaker, team McElduff/Carroll unexpectedly turned the tables around to comeback with a fast and furious game that evaporated the other team's hopes “It was a tough third game. We weren't very sharp and they made it tough for us to break them down,” Tyree Bastidas said.

Congratulations to team Conor McElduff / Killian Carroll for a surprising comeback.

Blending the Past and the Present

For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the youngest player to tre-peat among all USHA singles champions from all three handball versions (1-, 3-& 4-wall).