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World Handball Championships in Canada - Tyree Bastidas celebrates as national and world handball champion - World’s 50th Year Anniversary (1964–2014) - Fifty years in the making.






Photo by Mike Grabowski – Shirt by NYAC – Gloves by OWEN – Eye-Guard by Albert Apuzzi.


For some strange reasons the number 50 has come across Tyree’s handball journey in various forms. Weather we talk about a national or an international event the number fifty “50” has been following Tyree around the world and has made it easy to remember many important events, news and Milestones that has been long forgotten. Here are a few of them:

A) The first World Handball Championships took place in 1964. It celebrates its 50th year Anniversary in 2014. 

B) Handball fans are aware that Tyree captured the 50th USHA national 1-wall men’s open singles title at the Coney Island handball courts.

C) Fifty years ago, Jimmy Jacobs celebrated as USHA 4-wall national champion and as the first 4-wall world champion. Fast-forward fifty years and we have Tyree Bastidas celebrating as the current USHA 1-wall national champion and as the youngest 1-wall world champion to slam in any handball version at the worlds. 

D) Fifty years ago: Oscar Obert, Marty Decatur and Jimmy Jacobs were the USHA national champions in 1-, 3- & 4-wall respectively. They all competed in all three handball codes. Fast-forward 50 years and we have Tyree Bastidas as 1-wall national champion and competing in all three handball versions.       

E) Tyree is also the current World champion who will be honored on November 17 at the New York Athletic Club “NYAC”, the birth-place of the World Championships fifty years ago.

F) Oscar Obert was the USHA 1-wall national champion and the most versatile player in 1964. Fast-forward fifty years and we notice that Tyree Bastidas is also the USHA 1-wall national champion and the most versatile player in the association.

G) In the world's 50th year anniversary, Tyree Bastidas is noted as the youngest player to ever slam at the Worlds in the men’s open with any ball.

Handball) Fifty years ago the World Handball Championships only offered 4-wall competition “The worlds have always been about 4-wall” said Brian Goto, former President of the Canadian Handball Association,” Fast-forward fifty years and the CHA, which is hosting the next world championships in Calgary, will be offering 1-wall small ball for the first time as announced in 2014.

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The Great Outdoors – Update! 3-wall courts built in Virginia.




Photo by William Vargas.

More 3-wall handball courts are being built around the country as more handball players migrate to the outdoors handball versions.

Last year some beautiful 3-wall courts were built in Colorado where The Association took the opportunity to stage the first USHA 3-wall juniors nationals in that state.

Last year we also shared a photo of a couple of 3-wall courts built a few years ago right next to a local YMCA in Des Moines, Iowa.

This year we are please no announce the construction of 4 brand new handball courts in Virginia. The photo is courtesy of one of our readers and resident of Virginia, William Vargas.

The handball courts are practically finished and just need a final touch-up that will be done right after the snow melts.

Congratulations to all folks behind these projects that will benefit the players and the sport in the long run.

Albany Open – two doubles teams – Up north, things go south for Canadian resident Irish team.





Photos by Dan Gebben

For the first time in the history of the Albany Open the men’s open doubles final was played by two set of brothers: Tyree and Jurell Bastidas (USA) vs Peter and Patrick Funchion from Ireland.

Both teams advanced to the championship match using their most effective arsenal to stage an international championship match never seen before.

Team Funchion is currently residing in Ontario, Canada and decided to drive south to compete in the Albany open for the first time.

They had brought a lot excitement with their devastating singles and doubles play during the weekend. They had downed all players from New York in the singles competition and they looked poised to take the doubles division. But from the beginning, things didn’t look bright for the Irish team as they saw their hopes and dreams go south.

Team Bastidas put up a great show on the court where they clinched the title once again in a very close competition in spite of what the score might show.

Congratulations to both teams.

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U.S. Open of Handball - Simple Green – Tyree tries big ball three-wall (short walls) competition once again.




Photo by WPH

Tyree Bastidas is probably one of the few players in the association who competes in two events during the festival of handball that takes place during the month of October. But why does he play a handball version that uses short walls that’s mostly played in the west?

“The rules only allow me to play in one event in the 4-wall competition unless I play a different handball version” Tyree said.

“Because there is nothing else to do after my 4-wall match I enter the 3-wall competition so I don’t get bored”

Bastidas does get bored easily if he’s not on the court. He can just watch the games all afternoon but even that gets him tired by the end of the day. That’s why he plays two events and stay active rather than play just one event like most players.

But don’t underestimate Tyree’s skills in this game even though he never gets to practice or play in the 3-wall (short wall competition).

Tyree Bastidas managed to defeat his opponents in the preliminary games just like he did the previous year “It’s a fun game” said Bastidas.

“You have to do a lot of running around on these wide courts”

Old Handball Wall, Now Inside New Dorm, Leaves Little Impression on Students - Update!






Oct 03, 2014 03:03 AM

The River Campus Center on Southeast Missouri State University's campus was completed this summer to accommodate new students arriving for the fall semester. Pieces of the historical handball court from the original old St. Vincent's College were incorporated in two of the building's walls.

During the fall of 2012, Southeast Missouri State University paired with the Lawrence Group out of St. Louis, which also contracted a consultant that had done historic documentation before on similar structures, to develop plans for a residence hall that would eventually be located on the northern open area of the River Campus lawn.

One slight problem remained in the way of the River Campus Center idea, though. The historic handball court, which was built in 1843 for recreational purposes at the then St. Vincent's College, stood in the way. This particular handball court is thought to be the oldest in the country on this side of the Mississippi River and was one of the initial structures built when St. Vincent's College was founded. 

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Blending the Past and the Present



For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the only player in the world to have been crowned as a National four-wall junior champion in the singles division (17-and-under) in three different countries.

USHA National 4-Wall Championships – U.S.A.

Irish National 4-Wall Championships - IRE

CHA National 4-Wall Championships – CAN