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Steve Sandler and Tyree Bastidas - facing the facts - In the handball debate, Truth is the ultimate weapon.





Photo (r) by Keith Thode - Tyree Bastidas and Steve Sandler.

Despite long-standing assumptions that Steve Sandler would beat any player in any one-on-one matchups in a landslide, a new study shows otherwise.

I know what you are thinking and by now you are probably wondering why Sandler's 1-wall record isn't better than Bastidas'.

That's because Sandler's performance as a young open 1-wall player had been hyped to promote him, the game and the fairly new USHA national 1-wall championships. Sandler's handball career did take off and overcame the rest of the competition after he turned 25.

Steve Sandler competed at the inaugural USHA 1-wall championships in 1959 when he was only 19-years-old and is considered to be the best among the first generation of USHA 1-wall players. Fast-forward fifty years, and we have a new generation of 1-wall players represented by current 1-wall national champion, Tyree Bastidas “Anyone who underestimates Tyree Bastidas does so at their own peril.” said Stevens Brown, a handball follower from Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Look at what he did in the men's open by the age of 24”

Here in Tyree's camp, we didn't want to do a comparison of these two great players as we're still working on other great young open players who performed above and beyond the competition and deserve credit for their achievements too. But at the request of some of our readers we felt the need to bring out this topic sooner than later to set the record straight.

The following comparison outlines some of their personal information and their handball achievements before they turned 25-years-old.

Tyree Bastidas                                                          Steve Sandler

Brooklyn                     Place of Birth                             Brooklyn

1990                             Year born                                        1940

5,7                                High                                               5,7

Midwood                    High School                              Lafayette

19                                Age when 1st 1-wall title won         21

2010                            Year 1-wall title won                     1961

USHA                         First 1-wall title won                     AAU 

USHA                         National competitions             AAU & USHA

1, 3, & 4-wall              Handball versions played       1- & 3-wall 

One                              # of doubles titles won                 None

Five                             # of 1-wall (s) finals reached        Three

Four                             # of 1-wall (d) finals reached       One 

One                              # of slams                                        None

Five                              # of open titles (s/d)                      One

No 1 Seed for 265+ weeks     Records                               None

                                                                                                                                                 Most 1-wall (s) titles              Milestones                          None

Six                                # of 1-wall attempts before          Twelve   

USHA ('08-'10)            winning 1st open title         AAU/USHA ('59-'61)

Most of the information on this post is found at the official USHA website.

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Dispelling the Myth in the handball world - Believe it or not!



Dispelling the Myth in the handball world – Believe it or not!

Myth 1979 was the first year a girl competed at the USHA 4-wall juniors nationals when a girl's division was offered for the first time.

Fact – 1974 marks the FIRST year a 14-year-old girl by the name of Kathy Rappaport from Casselberry, Florida, showed up to play at the USHA juniors nationals held in Cincinnati, Ohio. Because the USHA didn't offer a girl's division then, she played in the boy's division.

Catriona Casey advances deep in the draw at the worlds - stopped at the semifinals by Sandy Ng - Payback Day!



Photos by Keith Thode

Miss. Catriona Casey had a fantastic run in the 1-wall women's open singles division at the worlds handball competition held in Calgary, Canada during the summer of 2015, where she found herself one game away from reaching the championship match. But before she could reach the final game, Miss. Casey needed to play New York 1-wall champion, Sandy Ng who was patiently waiting for Miss. Casey to decide for her fate on the main court.

Miss. Sandy Ng had traveled to numerous 4-wall tournaments to promote the game where she has suffered at the hands of Catriona Casey, a four-wall specialist.

We couldn't understand about all the talk and bets surrounding this match as we already knew the outcome of it. Both players were worthy to be in the finals, but there was one little detail that everyone had forgotten. This was Sandy's Payback day!

Sandy Ng had been waiting a long time for this moment to come because Catriona Casey had never bothered to come to New York to promote the game or to challenge Sandy in the 1-wall version.

On this semifinals day Sandy Ng made sure to put away all that pain and misery that Catriona Casey had inflicted on her through the 4-wall game. She trounced C. Casey in two fast-moving games.

Congratulations to both ladies for playing a great match.

USHA 3-wall nationals attracts 1-wall talent.




Ever since two 1-wall handball courts were built at the Lucas Recreation Center many young players from the states and abroad have taken the opportunity to show their 1-wall skills. Without the courts these young talented players would have never discovered how good they fared in the 1-wall game. But thanks to the handball community both outdoor games (1- & 3-wall) are offered during the same Labor Day weekend.

The Lucas Recreation Center in Maumee is the first 3-wall handball facility in the U.S. to have 1-wall courts.

There is a couple of 3-wall handball facilities around the country that are also planning to add 1-wall courts, including one in Milwaukee. As soon as they are ready for training and competition we will update our readers on it.

Blending the Past and the Present


For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the first (PSAL) handball one-wall singles champion to become a 1-wall worlds open singles champion.