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Tyree Tops the Charts once again - one-wall game proves to be beneficial for success at an early age - All eyes on Tyree Bastidas.




We've always read about Tyree Bastidas establishing new records and milestones at the juniors and open levels and many times we do chart comparisons on how he stacks up next to other 1-wall champions. We are happy to announce that our readers have welcomed these chart comparisons with open arms “It's about time we get these charts for our players” said Ruben Diaz, a handball enthusiast from Foster Ave and Nostrand Ave Park in Brooklyn.

I always wondered why we couldn't get these charts before”

At the request of some of our readers we are now doing a chart comparison with all USHA great handball players (all handball versions) to find out how Tyree stacks up next to other great champions of the game as a player and as a success story.

Sometimes handball players develop their game at an early age (teens) while others develop their game in their thirties. But according to our research we noticed that most players start to develop a more steady game in their mid-twenties (see chart below)

To excel at the open level the handball sport requires individuals to develop physical agility, foresight, quick reaction time, eye-to-hand coordination and a wide variety of weapons. Young players also need physical and mental stability to overcome the open competition at an early age and they can win a title or two as teenager players. But can a player that young tre-peat at the open level?

No. D. Chapman, M. Levine, J. Davidson, T. Bastidas and other young players might have captured one or two consecutive titles, but were unable to tre-peat as teenagers.

The main reason is that their game was still in the developing stage (still one-notch above the competition), and weren't ready mentally and/or physically to maintain the minimum consistent rhythm of top level competition required to tre-peat at the open level.

We did notice that most great handball players in the association found their game to be more consistent once they turned 25-year-old with some of them winning more than three consecutive titles.

Tyree Bastidas is the only exception to this great group of handball players. He is the only player in the association to have tre-peated more than once at the USHA nationals junior singles division and to have tre-peated at the USHA nationals men's open singles before he turned 25

Throughout the years many handball articles have been written to inform handball followers that the best way to start a young handball player in the game is by teaching them how to play 4-wall first – and although we agree on it, Tyree Bastidas has also proved to all of us that young handball players can also be successful at an early age by learning the 1-wall handball version first. Tyree Bastidas is a living proof of it!

The following chart includes all handball players in the Association to have won at least three consecutive national open singles titles for the first time.

Please keep in mind that nine out of the fifteen Elite players in the chart below started playing 1-wall first before branching out to other handball versions.

Player's name                 Three-peat run         Handball Code       Age

Tyree Bastidas (NY)      2013-2015               1-wall                      24       

David Chapman (MO)   1998-2000               4-wall                      24

Paul Brady (IRE)            2005-2007               4-wall                     26

Jimmy Jacobs (MO)       1955-1957               4-wall                      27

Naty Alvarado (MEX)    1982-1984              4-wall                       28

Fred Lewis (NY)             1974-1976              4-wall                      28

Steve Sandler (NY)        1966-1968               1-wall                      28

Satish Jagnandan (NY)  2004-2006               1-wall                      29

Vince Munoz (CA)         1996-1998               3-wall                      29

Oscar Obert (NY)           1959-1961               1-wall                      32

Lou Russo (NY)             1975-1977                3-wall                     33 

Vern Roberts (OH)         1985-1987               3-wall                      33

Joe Durso (NY)              1987-1989               1-wall                      34

Paul Haber (NY)            1969-1971                4-wall                     34

Vic Hershkowitz (NY)   1950-1952               3-wall                      34

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USHA Grand National Series comes to an end.




Top Photo by Keith Thode - Timbo Gonzalez and Tyree Bastidas

Center Photo - William Polanco serving the ball.

Bottom Photo - Sandy Ng and Danielle Daskalakis. 

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By Glenn T. Hall

The Grand National Series final results are in after including the results of the Simple Green U.S. Open this weekend! Tyree Bastidas (73 points) is now the three-time GNS Champion, but competition is creeping up as Timbo Gonzalez trailed Bastidas by only 11 points. Sean Lenning broke into the top 3 by scoring 56 points. Other notable top 10 finishes were the following players:

4. Nik Nahorniak
5. Samzon Hernandez
6. Willie Polanco
7. Billy O'Donnell
8. Paul Brady
9. Dane Szatkowski
10. Cesar Sala

New players entering the top 10 included Willie Polanco, who had one of his greatest years. Billy O'Donnell saw a tremendous leap which showed that his hard work does payoff, and Cesar Sala rode an impressive return to the National final to finish 10th. Three-wall Big Ball star Samzon Hernandez vaulted to fifth after finishing 11th in 2014.

By Glenn T. Hall

In the Women's Division, Sandy Ng (79 points) halted the three-peat bid from Danielle Daskalakis, narrowly beating her by just six points. Sandy's return and successful rehab from injury has allowed her talents to shine this past season. Aisling Reilly had a tremendous year and broke into the top 3 for the first time with 33 points. Knowing she only competes in one of the five disciplines scored in the GNS, her achievement is even more remarkable. The other top 10 women finished in the following order:

4. Catriona Casey
5. Tracy Davis

6. Tanisha Groomes / Hilary Rushe

8. Ciana Ni Churraoin
9. Jessenia Garate
10. Aoife McCarthy
If some of the Stars in their special disciplines such as Emmett Peixoto, Cesar Sala, Samzon Hernandez, Aisling Reilly or Catriona Casey would crossover and play other events, the leader board would surely be challenged. Does anyone doubt that if Paul Brady played other disciplines, or if Sean Lenning were to travel to New York for the One-Wall Small Ball Nationals, could they take a GNS title, too?
Hey, let's see what they got!

Grand National Series Ceremony and ICHA Awards Dinner

This year's Grand National Series champions will be honored at the ICHA Awards Dinner Thursday, November 12, at Gossip Bar & Restaurant, 733 9th Ave. New York, NY 10119

Dispelling the Myth in the handball world - Believe it or not!




Myth - The USHA 3-wall national juniors competition started in the 21st century.

Fact – The USHA 3-wall national juniors competition started in the 20th century and was born out of the successful California 3-wall juniors competition.

USHA 1-wall nationals - Jurell Bastidas skips handball competition.



Jurell Bastidas, last year's runner-up in the singles and doubles divisions, didn't compete this year due to schedule conflicts with his new employer (FDNY). It's the first time he's missed an open competition of this caliber.

The FDNY marks its 150th year of service in the city of New York and the U.S. Army just celebrated its 240th anniversary protecting our nation. 2015 also marks the year he had to report for duties for the first time where he had to go for intensive training starting at the beginning of the summer season which made it impossible for him to play at the nationals. He is expected to resume playing in 2016.

Blending the Past and the Present


For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the only player in the USHA to have won three consecutive singles titles in the juniors (four times) and one in the men's open division:

USHA National Juniors One-Wall Championships – 2004-2006

USHA National Juniors Four-wall Championships - 2007-2009

USHA National Juniors One-Wall Championships – 2008-2010

USHA National Juniors Three-Wall Championships – 2008-2010

USHA National One-Wall Championships (men's open) – 2013-2015