Handball player for life.

Tyree's tiebreaker curse extended - remains undefeated since he debuted at 1-wall nationals at the age of 17.





How many more years is Tyree Bastidas going to go through the 1-wall nationals men’s open singles division (tiebreakers) undefeated?

It’s a tough question to answer, but only Father-Time will decide that in the future. For now Tyree will keep on going undefeated in tiebreakers until someone comes along and breaks this curse.

We have said before “A player can take a game from Tyree and hopefully that player can take the second game, otherwise the player would trigger Tyree’s tiebreaker curse.

Cesar Sala, a former 1-wall national champion, is the last player to be cursed in the association when he miserably failed to take the second game during the championship match.

The 2015 USHA championship tiebreaker was a mirror of the 2013 USHA semifinal three way match when Mike Schneider was leading 10-9 and was getting ready to close the game to celebrate. But the game suddenly took a turn for the worst and Tyree came back to tied the game10-10 to doom Mr. Schneider's hopes of breaking Tyree's tiebreaker curse.

This year Cesar Sala played superb throughout the entire tournament and looked hungry to add another title to his collection when he also found himself leading 9-7 in the tiebreaker of the championship match. But the game suddenly took a turn for the worst when Tyree Bastidas came back to tie the game and Mr. Sala's fate was sealed by Tyree's tiebreaker curse.

Tyree's undefeated run in the men's open singles (tiebreaker) now extends from 2008 through 2016.

World handball championships - Irish teams dominate open competition.




Top and bottom photos by Keith Thode.

The Irish handball teams in the men's open doubles divisions have had a fantastic run in the last twelve years where five of their teams have managed to reached the finals, winning four out of the five titles. The complete Irish domination of this division has practically shot the door close to other national teams. The only time a non Irish team was able to win this division was in 2012 when U.S. team L. Moreno and Andy Nett surprised handball followers with an unexpected win in Ireland.

2003 marks the beginning year of Irish domination at the 4-wall open divisions where they have captured nine out of ten open titles offered (singles/doubles).

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2015 Year in Handball - One wall-Year in review.




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By Glenn T. Hall, One-Wall Chair

This past year was marked by many achievements for the one-wall community, the finest of which was the cohesion, dedication and effort of our One-Wall Committee. The members to thank are: Willie Polanco, Karen McConney, Jared Vale, Sophie Murphy, Alethia Mendez, David Botero, Rob Pearse and Garry Grossman.

Achievements on the court had many contributors this year. In big ball, Timbo Gonzalez remained the guy to beat but the player perennially knocking on the door finally entered the winner's circle. Tywan Cook edged Gonzalez for his first National Singles title. In the Women's, Danielle Daskalakis tops the field in many big and small ball events, but Sandy Ng unseated her at the National Big Ball Championships. Teaming together, they are unstoppable as they won both Small and Big Ball doubles.

In Small Ball, Tyree Bastidas continued to dominate, slamming the Singles and Doubles. Billy O'Donnell also won his first National Championship this year by teaming with Tyree. One of our committee members, Willie Polanco, remains at the top of the One-Wall Game in Big and Small Ball as he heads into his 40's. In addition to his playing, he is a key committee member, a USHA board member, and perhaps the leading force in the U.S. for inclusion in the 2017 World Games. Also, a new Federation known as WIF (Wallball International Federation), may have the right stuff to finally make Wallball an Olympic event (see article in the next Handball Magazine issue).

Our Annual Awards dinner, held last February, honors the best players of the year, and was the best ever, according to attendees. This February’s event will be another you will not wish to miss. We honor the season’s best Big and Small Ball players in Men's, Women's, Girls and Boys. And a highlight and perhaps the most significant are the Legends presentations for those we compare ourselves against. We have other special awards too, such as the Butterhup Sportsmanship Award.
This year, bring your dancing shoes and your “special someone,” as we will have a DJ to rock the night away. Our Decorations committee dressed the venue nicely last year and this year should even be better. The event will be held on February 20, 2016, at 6 p.m. at the Queens Elks Club – it’s an event you will NOT want to miss. Put it on your list - come, join us and honor our heroes! (Tickets will be available for purchase at the Web Store at
I wish to offer special thanks to the many financial contributors without whom we could not host the events as successfully as we do. In 2016 we look to bring back the Junior Big and Small Ball Nationals by partnering with the ICHA (Inner City Handball Association), and select a team to represent the U.S. at the first WIF Wallball Exhibition to be held in Bogota, Colombia.
Of course, all of us in one-wall would enjoy seeing more three- and four-wall pros crossover to one-wall to compete with Tyree, Timbo, Tywan and our other New York Pros. Sean Lenning won the World One-Wall Championships but can he win in New York?
Our Committee has decided to make the Coney Island Courts the National One-Wall place to be! Now, all One-Wall championships (junior and adult) will be held at this historic site next to the NY Aquarium.
We look forward to seeing you all at our National Championships and Awards dinner!!!
Look for the next installment of the 2015 Year in Handball.

Dispelling the Myth in the handball world - Believe it or not!



Top Photo by Holly Koffler - Bottom screen shot from WPH video.

Myth - In the Past, when the “sword-and-shield” game was played the handball sport was called the “chess game” 

Fact – Today, with the disappearance of the weak off hand, the surge of conditioned athletes and the two-handed power players, the game has become indeed the “chess game”

Blending the Past and the Present

For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the only player in the Association to have won a USHA national 1-wall juniors big and small ball singles title before he won a USHA national open singles title:

2010 - USHA National Big Ball One-Wall Junior Championships - 19-and under Singles division

2010 - USHA National Small Ball One-Wall Junior Championships - 19-and-under Singles division

2010 - USHA National One-Wall Championships - NY Men’ s Open Singles division