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55th Annual USHA Nationals One-Wall Championships - The last twenty years - 1995-2015.





The 1-wall nationals came to an end this year after a tough competition similar to the ones in the past. The players in the chart below are the 1-wall singles champions in the last 20 years in the History of the Association where some players are still competing with the exception of John Wright and Ed Maisonet.

All players with the exception of Tyree Bastidas have been playing for more than a decade. T. Bastidas was only five year-old when Ed Maisonet started to win in 1995. Strange enough is the fact that the # five (5), appears all across this post such as three of the first five players whose name carry a five letter name to be a champion.

Other fun facts: There are five different singles champions during the following five year runs:from (1998 - 2002), (1999- 2003), (2000 - 2004) and from (2008 - 2012).

Twenty years ago (1995), Ed Maisonet slammed in the men's open.

In 1995, 2005 and 2015, the doubles division was won by potential HOF players.

1995 is also the first year when John Bike Jr., a 3- & 4-wall champion, reached the finals of the men's 1-wall open doubles division when he was carried through the tournament by the late Ken Ginty.

We have listed all players who have won at least 1-wall singles title from 1995 to 2015.

Name                              Singles              Doubles              Total

Satish Jagnandan**            5                         0                       5

Tyree Bastidas*                  4                         1                       5

Ed Maisonet                       3                         3                       6

Yuber Castro                      2                         7                        9

Cesar Sala                          2                         4                        6

Robert Sostre                     2                         3                        5

Joe Kaplan                         1                         4                        5

Tony Roberts                     1                         4                        5

John Wright                       1                         1                        2

* Bastidas has played in the open less than a decade.

**Jagnandan is a 1-wall singles specialist and does not compete in doubles competition.

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Dispelling the Myth in the handball world - Believe it or not!



Top Photo- Tracy Davis swinging in action.

Bottom Photo by MNHA - Anna E. Christoff

There are only five players in the USHA who have won at least ten open national singles titles.

Anna Engele Christoff and Naty Alvarado Sr. – 11 (4-wall) singles titles.

Tracy Davis (1-wall),  Paul Brady (4-wall) and Vince Munoz (3-wall) – 10 singles titles.

First woman elected as USHA President - opens new opportunities in the association - another FIRST.




Photo by Keith Thode - Mrs. LeaAnn Martin poses with her husband while attending the 4-wall nationals.

For the first time in the History of the Association, a woman was elected to lead the USHA in the 21st Century. “There is definitely renewed hope among players across the country” said Jackie, an enthusiastic player from 3rd Ave and 55th St in Brooklyn.

L. Martin, a Board Member and a former player herself, will have the opportunity to steer the Association in a new direction and hopefully attract more players and more needed-action into the game.

She knows what it takes to be a handball player and knows the difficulties women face to be competitive at the open level. She started her handball journey at Texas University, played in the women's pro division and attended many USHA national tournaments as a USHA Board Member to get involve in handball related issues across the country.

With the full support of the organization and the players, she should be able to introduce changes needed to progress the game in the long run.

Mrs. LeaAnn Martin was elected during the Annual winter meeting held at the USHA Headquarters in Tucson, Arizona in 2016.


66th Annual USHA National Four-Wall Championships - tournament returns to Minnesota.



Photos by Keith Thode.

For the sixth time the 4-wall nationals returned to Minnesota with the best 4-wall players in the world vying for the highest honors. Players from across the states, Canada and Ireland came to showcase their handball abilities at the Lifetime Fitness club in Fridley, Minnesota from June 14-19.

As in the past competition was fierce from beginning to end while the tournament ran smooth and on time during the course of the tournament.

Congratulations to all.

Blending the Past and the Present

For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas won the most USHA 3-wall junior national titles before he won the men's open singles USHA national 3-wall title.