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Handball as a spectator sport – made possible by Robert W. Kendler.






Top Photo by Chicagotribune

The handball sport (4-wall) has come a long way since its early years in America. Since 1919, the first year an AAU National 4-wall championship was held, players had to compete in 65 feet long by 25 feet wide and a front wall 35 feet high. There were also 60 by 30 courts along other court sizes.

Robert W. Kendler, a Vice President of the Town House handball in Chicago and a player himself had an innovation conceived in 1935. A glass in-closed court, completed on March 17, 1945 for AAU championship tournaments.

In 1950 when Mr. Kendler formed the USHA he started to build 40 feet by 20 feet courts that later on became the standard size across America.

Today, Mr. Kendler's innovation is visible in more states and countries around the world.



22nd Annual Council Speaker's Cup Handball Championships - Bastidas gets a rude awakening.




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Under gloomy skies the tournament took off at the Central Park handball courts on July 16. The tournament drew more than a hundred players where many came to take a shot at the open singles and doubles crowns in singles and doubles at both: men and women's divisions. Jurell Bastidas came back to compete after taken a year off due to work related issues.

Tyree Bastidas who was seeded second after W. Polanco, faced James Flaherty in the preliminary game where J. Flaherty made sure Bastidas gets a rude awakening early in the morning. T. Bastidas beat Mr. Flaherty 25-15.

Dispelling the Myth in the handball world – Believe it or not!




 Myth – New York players dominate only the 1-wall national tournaments.

Fact – New York players have also dominated the 3-wall national tournaments. In fact they have captured more singles titles in the longest (29 years) period of dominance in the association: 25 national titles won by seven players.

Longest period of dominance at the USHA 3-wall nationals (1950-1978).

Vic Hershkowitz – 9

Lou Russo – 5

Marty Decatur - 5

Fred Lewis – 2

Carl Obert -2

Oscar Obert - 1

Paul Haber – 1

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High Tide... The Comodores Repeat




by George A. Diaz – Handball Commissioner

Re-posted from PSAL.org

The Bayside High School Commodores made their second straight trip to the finals. After a winning last year and having a good core of players returning they were hungry for more gold.
Francis Lewis called 1st singles to start the match. This proved to be a battle of two gladiators. Janquel Acevedo saw himself up 19-13 late in the game but Joseph Wang had other ideas. He broke his serve and finished the match on an 8-0 run edging a 21-19 victory and giving bayside a 1-0 lead.

Trying to keep the momentum alive Bayside called 1st doubles. Bayside Chun Chen & Andrew Wang jumped ahead and took an 11-3 lead. Francis Lewis Farren Chan & Raymond Estacio got up and closed the gap to 11-9. Bayside got the serve back and made the game 16-9. Lewis put a final rally but it wasn’t enough as Bayside punch their way through 21-13 victory giving them a 2-0 lead.

Looking for a spark Francis Lewis called 2nd doubles. Bayside Chris Chen & Johnson Chen took a quick 6-0 lead but Francis Lewis Josh Hu & Kevin Poon fought right back with a 8-0 rally. Bayside broke their serve and never looked back scoring a 21-9 victory and clinching the championship for Bayside High School.

Francis Lewis 2nd singles Juan Zapata defeated Isaiah Hong 21-10 in his match and Bayside’s 3rd singles Kenneth Lim scored a 21-10 victory over Eddie Poon.



Blending the Past and the Present


For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the youngest player in the Association "USHA" to slam at the 1-wall nationals two consecutive years"

2015 USHA National Championships - Men's Open singles and doubles titles.

2016 USHA National Championships - Men's Open  singles and doubles titles.