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Photo by Mr. K. Davidoff: Oscar Obert (front) and Ken Davidoff.

It's been two years since Mr. Ken Davidoff, a player from the '60s, posted an inaccurate statement to praise Steve Sandler “In the 1961 AAU tournament, at the age of 21, he beat Carl, Ruby and Oscar Obert in successive rounds. All were hall of famers at the top of their games. Nothing like that had ever happened before, and nothing like that has ever happened since.”

As it turned out everyone disagreed.

The mysterious revelation came during a quick search we did over the internet and found out Davidoff''s inaccurate statement didn't hold true because he was either ignoring or forgetting about two teenagers who had also accomplished the same feat at the same AAU tournament: Mark Levine and Joel Davidson. In fact, both teens stirred a big storm when they also beat and swept three HOF players (including Steve Sandler) on their way to their title.

But after we revealed the real story on Tyree's website, we received criticism from some of our readers for being too hard on Mr. Davidoff.

We don't believe we were hard on Mr. Davidoff at all as we were merely pointing out the fact that two players, younger than Sandler, had also accomplished this feat, and gave our readers an opportunity to decide by themselves whether Levine's or Davidson's fantastic run were also worthy to be considered great 1-wall runs like Sandler's. Here in Tyree's camp we always welcome feed-back from our readers.

We are aware Mr. Davidoff was seventy two years-old when he made the statement in question and is entitle to forget from time to time. But how can K. Davidoff forget about these two teen handball stars that swept everyone on the court where, in one instance, Mr. Davidoff himself was swept along the rest of the players.

It's also documented in the internet that both: Levine and Davidson are the youngest open players to achieve this fantastic run at the “AAU national 1-wall championships

Furthermore, Mr. Flickstein's handball article summary on Joel Davidson's epic winning, clearly reminds everyone (including 1-wallers), not to forget that yearLevine, who had beaten all his competition in impressive style, and the crowd, and Joel Davidson were flabbergasted, 1973, Joel Davidson’s year, is one which one- wallers will remember well!wrote D. Flickstein, an open player from Mr. Sandler's and Mr. Davidoff's era.

Therefore, we stand by our story.

Knight Armor... as Wilson takes it all



Photo by PSAL

by George A. Diaz – Handball Supervisor

Posted On 04/07/2016

James Madison Knight Wilson Chong sent a statement this past Saturday. Under ranked and with a lot to prove Wilson showed why he is a force to be reckoned with. His quest started with a 21-8 victory over Jimmy Ou (MSIT), he followed by upsetting Joseph Wang, (Bayside) 21-13, then in the quarterfinals he defeated Alex Ayala, (Aviation) 21-7. In the semis finals, Wilson saw himself in a little bit of trouble. He trailed the very talented Juan Martinez 20-14 when he mounted a massive comeback and edged Juan 21-20.

In the finals, he saw another hungry face in Arnold Lee (Cardozo) who started the day being ranked 24 in the tournament. He defeated Nauman Khan (Hillcrest) 21-6, dispatched David Kim (Telecommunications) 21-5, struggled vs Toby Au (MSIT) but was able to score a 21-19 victory. In the quarterfinals Arnold face the always dangerous Jason Chong from Madison, Wilson’s twin brother. Arnold put his best foot forward and scored a 21-13 decision over Jason. In the semis Arnold faced another task in Isaiah Hong (Bayside) defeating him 21-13.

The championship game …………..

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Dispelling the Myth in the handball world - Believe it or not!




Photo by USHA

Myth – Most 4-wall players are the best all-around players in the USHA.

Fact – There has been a lot of confusing created by handball fanatics at handball forums and Message Boards where fans have been misled to believe in the Myth mentioned-above.

There are only seven players in the “USHA” who have achieved the status of “All-around players” in the History of the Association. All seven players have won a national title in all three handball versions (1-, 3- & 4-wall) in either singles or doubles men's open competition.

The followin USHA short list is not in any particular order:

1 - Vic Hershkowitz

2 - Oscar Obert

3 - Lou Russo

4 - Carl Obert

5 - Marty Decatur

6 - Ruby Obert

7 - Tyree Bastidas

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Three-wall national championships - Abraham Montijo.



One of the most improved players in the association this year is Abraham Montijo, a resident of Arizona who had a good run at the nationals in June and at the Maumee handball courts in Toledo, Ohio.

Mr. Montijo is a product of the USHA juniors nationals under the tutelage of handball hall of fame player, Fred Lewis. Montijo and his handball partner Luis Moreno have been traveling the country looking to score big in either 3- or 4-wall competition.

This year Montijo stunned the handball community when he defeated Braulio Ruiz of California in three long and exhausted games.

Congratulations to Mr. Montijo!

Blending the Past and the Present


For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the first USHA national junior 1-wall singles champion (big and small ball) to capture the men's open singles division.