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Lucky No. 3 - was Bastidas blessed with Chinese luck?





In Chinese tradition there are certain numbers that are considered either lucky or unlucky numbers. It's a superstition brought from the main land (China) to the American continent in the 1800's.

Bastidas who attended Midwood high school in Brooklyn met most of his friends (Chinese-Americans) on the handball court while trying out for the handball team. It's believed that Chinese luck has also rubbed off on him as the # 3 has been heavily associated with most of his accomplishments.

As of February 2016 (Chinese New Year) Bastidas has accumulated most of his titles, records, honors and Awards with the No. 3 highlighted during his handball journey.

We couldn't find another handball player with more records using the # 3, so we decided to post his short list while he's still 25-years-old at the end of his second handball journey as a young open player:

Three consecutive USHA national 1-wall men's open singles titles.

Undefeated at three game matches at USHA national 1-wall men's open singles competition.

Three consecutive King of the Ring men's open singles crowns.

Three national men's open titles in three associations: USHA, CHA, AHA.

Three consecutive USHA national junior 1-wall singles titles.

Three ICHA outstanding male athlete Awards.

Three consecutive USHA national three-wall junior championship doubles titles.

Three Tallcorn men's open singles/doubles titles.

Three consecutive USHA national four-wall junior championship singles titles.

Three USHA Best Player of the Year Awards.

Three consecutive slams at USHA national 3-wall junior championships.

Three USHA national men's open (s/d) titles won in one year (1-, 3, & 4-wall).

Three consecutive USHA national 3-wall junior championship singles titles.

Three men's open singles titles in three continents: America, Europe, Australia.

Three consecutive PSAL 1-wall singles championship titles.

Three national four-wall junior singles titles in three countries: U.S.A. CAN, IRE.

Three consecutive USHA Grand National Series Awards (combined big & small ball 1, 3 & 4-wall men's open championships)

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Who's side? Bayside... The Lady Commodores are back on top



by George A. Diaz – Handball Commissioner

Posted On 05/27/2016

The Lady Commodores from Bayside High School regained the handball crown once again. After a hiccup last year, the made sure this time was different. In their 6th straight trip the PSAL finals they were as good as ever vs Brooklyn Technical.
Brooklyn Technical called the first match, 1st doubles team of Tiffany Chin & Ashley Zheng Liang. The move looked like it was going to backfire as the Bayside duo of Melissa Gim & Emily Wang took a commanding 15-4 lead. After a time out, Tiffany & Ashley went on a 17-0 run scoring a 21-15 victory and giving the Lady Engineers a 1-0 lead.

Looking to even things out, ……………..

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Dispelling the Myth in the handball world - Believe it or not!



Myth – Only current top players can lead the Rankings.

Fact – Any top player (dead or alive) can lead the Rankings.


Conspiracy Theories in the Handball Sport - D. Chapman retires early.




Bottom Photo by USHA.

Dave Chapman's early retirement from handball has always been surrounded by plenty of rumors and speculation. Some of the most known theories on his early retirement are:

1.- Chapman retired early because he had started to play in the open as a teen and was tired and bored of playing against the same players.

2.- Chapman took a serious job offer and had no time to practice or play handball.

3.- Chapman's lifestyle of partying and boozing made it impossible to keep playing.

4.- Right before he retired from competition, Chapman had noticed that Irish players were closing in on him and it was a matter of time before they would take him down.

A great number of handball fans we interviewed believe there is some of true in all the conspiracy theories mentioned-above, but most point to the latter as probably the correct one. Why?

During the last two years before Chapman voluntarily retired in 2004, Irishman Tony Healy had taken Chapman down at the USHA 4-wall nationals in 2003 while his countryman Paul Brady had beaten Chapman in 2004 for the biggest money prize ever recorded in handball.

When D. Chapman returned to the handball courts he claimed his 9th national singles title in 2011 when defending champion Paul Brady couldn't compete due to a hand injury. Prior to this winning, Chapman* had competed at the 4-wall nationals in 2008 only to lose to T. Healy in the quarterfinals while Paul Brady eliminated Chapman in the finals of 2009 and 2010.

Please keep in mind that all of the theories mentioned-above are just that “theories.”

*D. Chapman had consistently beaten both Irishmen at the USHA 4-wall nationals before his unofficial early retirement.

Blending the Past and the Present

For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the first world handball singles champion in any handball version to have won a national title in every handball version (1-, 3- & 4-wall).

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