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Monumental Moments for Photography - Bastidas beats Peixoto with "invisible punch"





 The picture seen after clicking the top photo became iconic because it captured Tyree's victory celebration at the USHA 3-wall national championships in 2013.

So much of great photography is being in the right spot at the right moment, but also having good luck. On September 03, 2013, while standing behind the long line at the handball court in Maumee, Ohio, USHA photographer Keith Thode shot what many consider to be one of the greatest 3-wall pictures of the 21th century.

Handball is very much like boxing. The only difference among the sports is that handball is played without physical contact while boxing is considered a contact and brutal sport. In handball and boxing both men engage one-on-one to capture the audience, the moment and ultimately the crown. Although, it may not be common for the opponents to shake hands at the end of the boxing fight.

Mr. Thode was covering the championship match among 1-wall national champion Tyree Bastidas and former 3-wall national champion Emmett Peixoto. Two months prior, Tyree had won the 4-wall national doubles title over Emmett. At match point and after a time-out, Bastidas served a devastating two-way hook serve. Peixoto struggled to return the ball and immediately went down on his back as Bastidas put the ball away to end the game.

Keith Thode who was focusing on Tyree's celebration, probably didn't see Mr. Peixoto hit the floor. The photo taken above, shows the new champ towering over Mr. Peixoto. His vanquished opponent laid flat on the ground as if he had been knocked out by Tyree's right hand, a seemingly “invisible punch.”

Handball Falls Short of Expectations




By Justin Kushnir ’17 and Dennis Roytberg ’17

Re-posted from Midwood HS

At the end of the boys handball season, the sound of a light rubber ball bouncing off a concrete wall is not as frequent. The conclusion of the season was upsetting for the entire team; although they competed fiercely throughout the regular season, the handball team lost its momentum and fell short of its goal of making it to championships.

The head coach, Ms. Kimberly Lau, once a co-captain of the girls handball team herself, said, “I expect the players to continuously work hard and try to be as dedicated as they can to the sport.” Ms. Lau started as an assistant coach before taking over as head coach.

Practice makes perfect, and the team certainly works hard, making sure they are as good as they can be.

Nicky Chan ’17 said, “Practice is usually around two hours and we play each other according to positions. The coach pushes us so we can become better players while having fun at the same time.” Nicky used to play for the Hornets handball team prior to this season but left due to massive amounts of schoolwork.

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Dispelling the Myth in the handball world - believe it or not!




Myth – Women 1-wall handball competition started after world war II.

Fact – Women 1-wall handball competition started way before 1940's.

USHA 4-wall nationals - Luis Moreno defeats Emmett Peixoto - ends Peixoto's dream.




Emmett Peixoto was very disappointed he couldn't advance to the men's singles finals when he tried his best to knock Moreno off the draw during the quarter finals taken place on Thursday morning in Fridley, Minnesota.

Mr. Peixoto had already beaten Moreno at the USHA nationals 4-wall championships in 2014 and 2015 to earn a pass to the championship match, but this year Luis Moreno had different plans and ruined E. Peixoto's goal of reaching the final match for a third time.

Emmett Peixoto was so focus on winning the singles title this year, he registered to compete in one event only. By not playing in the men's doubles division he made sure he had enough gas in his tank to pursue the title that had eluded him in recent years. In the end, he fell short of his goal.

Congratulations to Luis Moreno.

Blending the Past and the Present

For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas positioned himself as one of the youngest players to have won the nationals men's open singles title three consecutive years among both: AAU and USHA national open competition.

The following players are listed according to each handball version where age is given top priority:

Al Banuet started his run in 1929 (at the age of 19) - AAU national             4-wall championships.

Tyree Bastidas started his run in 2013 (at the age of 22) - USHA national 1-wall championships.

Naty Alvarado started his run in 1979 (at the age of 23) - USHA national 3-wall championships.