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Seymour Alexander - Posthumous Induction.




One of the best players of the 20th Century, Seymour Alexander, was recently enshrined at the USHA headquarters located in Tucson, Arizona.

Although Mr. S. Alexander played solely at the AAU national 1-wall championships, the USHA decided to honor him for his outstanding performance during the first half of the 20th century.

Mr. Flickstein's write-up on Sy Alexander could be read in the USHA handball magazine or online at the USHA website.

Sy Alexander played handball for his high school team at James Madison in Brooklyn where he captured the most coveted PSAL individual title. He is known to be the first teenager to ever reach the men's open singles final in 1927 at the age of 17 when he lost to Murray Vernon. He's probably the first PSAL individual champion to go on to win the AAU 1-wall men's doubles title in 1929. He captured the men's doubles title with his brother Morty Alexander in 1936 when Morty was only 16. They became the first team of brothers to capture the men's open doubles title in any handball version. Sy went on to win 4 men's doubles open titles.

He also captured the men's singles title in 1931 at the age of 21 and the men's doubles title in 1929 at the age of 19, making him one of the youngest players to achieve this honor. In light of this new information we have updated two 1-wall handball charts (page 44 & 48) in Tyree's website.

Kudos to the USHA for recognizing another great 1-wall handball player of all time.

Seymour Alexander (born in 1910) – AAU National One-Wall Championships:

1927 AAU National singles title runner-up.

1929 AAU National doubles title champion.

1929 AAU National singles title runner-up.

1930 AAU National doubles title champion.

1931 AAU National singles title champion.

1933 AAU National singles title semifinalist.

1933 AAU National doubles title champion.

1934 AAU National doubles title runner-up.

1935 AAU National doubles title semifinalist

1936 AAU National doubles title champion.

1938 AAU National doubles title runner-up.

1939 AAU National doubles title runner-up

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USHA Northeast Four-Wall Championships - 2016




The Northeast Regional 4-wall competition was moved from New York to Connecticut for the first time in the 21st century. This competition has already taken place in Connecticut and other states during  the past century where many champions from different states have been crowned either in the fall or the spring.

Garry Grossman, Connecticut handball Chairman was in charge of this important event that was inaugurated more than forty years ago under Bill Kennedy,  a former regional 4-wall Commissioner.

Competition started early in the morning for both: men and women's divisions where Tyree Bastidas was caught sleeping in his first match against Matt Chu. Mr. Chu, a student and a handball player for Lake Forest in Chicago, pushed Tyree to the third game and had a good opportunity to close the match on his favor. But Bastidas woke up on time to right the wrongs from his previous games to take the third game with the minimum advantage “Matt Chu has improved a lot in the last three years” Tyree said.

2016 USHA 3-wall nationals - players exhausted by sun and power game.



The power game (3-wall), started under clear skies and plenty of sunshine as in the past three years, and while players and fans took cover to stay away from the heat, power players had no choice but to battle under these conditions which are typical of the outdoor games.

Sean Lenning and Jurell Bastidas, two of the hard-hitters in the past five years faced each other in the early rounds that took place in Maumee at the end of August. And although S. Lenning has beaten J. Bastidas in all previous confrontations, this year the high temperatures took a toll on both players “Powering the ball under the sun and with high temperatures could leave any player exhausted” said Tyree.

In the end Lenning prevailed over Jurell Bastidas. Congratulations to S. Lenning.

Dispelling the Myth in the handball world - Believe it or not!



Myth – No handball team of brothers has ever reached the national men's finals (singles or doubles) as teenagers.

Fact: There is only one team on record in any handball version to have accomplished this feat.

Team: Seymour/Morty Alexander.

Seymour Alexander reached the finals of the men's singles in 1927 while Morty Alexander reached the finals of the men's doubles in 1936.

Blending the Past and the Present


For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the youngest American player (21) in any handball version to have won a Canadian national open title:

2012 CHA National Four-Wall Championships -   Men's open doubles title.