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4-wall nationals - handball fans never saw it coming.





On Friday afternoon Killian Carroll had deftly defeated all his opponents on his side of the draw during the 2016 USHA four-wall nationals held in the mid-west.

Most fans were surprised because the media had predicted that an American player would be in the headlines leading up to the men's finals championship. We did have an opportunity to talk to K. Carrol the day before the finals “I think I could beat Brady, it won't be easy but I could do it” said a confident Carrol, who managed to beat Brady in the tiebreaker by one point, 11-10.

Brady was a shoo-in, but in reality American players had not chance. But the draws have spoken and they have spoken bigly. By late Saturday morning, Carroll was able to take the stage and thank everyone for supporting and believing in him.

Paul Brady had conceded to him right after the match, and addressed handball fans to thank them for their support.

USHA semifinal match at three-wall nationals - Moreno vs Lenning.





One of the most interesting matches during the tournament took place at noon under a burning sun that forced the players to call all time-outs.

Defending champion Sean Lenning was surprised by Luis Moreno's aggressive game during the first game, but in spite of Lenning's last minute attempts to turn the game around, he fell victim to Moreno's ceiling game.

The second game Lenning took command on the court to win in a rush fashion.

The tiebreaker was an all-out game where both players were even until a questionable call went to S. Lenning's favor. Mr. Moreno was very upset about the call that marked his downfall as his opponent kept widening the score all the way to 11.players.