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2014 Grand National Series - Bastidas & Daskalakis Repeat.





Photo by USHA

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By Glenn T. Hall

         REPEAT!!!!  Danielle Daskalakis and Tyree Bastidas were the best all-around performers again in 2014. You may recall that they were our first winners in 2013 and now they did it again. Danielle (100 points) had a much closer battle with Tracy Davis so close behind (96 points) as the women's runner-up again. Tracy was just 6 points behind Danielle going into the Simple Green US Open at Los Caballeros this past weekend. Tracy was able to get closer but by just two points. Sandy Ng garnered third place (40 points), and was seriously challenged by Na Liu (38) and Melissa Sky (37) for third place
     In the Men's, Tyree again finished well ahead of the field (79 points), while Timbo Gonzalez improved his standing over 2013's ninth-place finish by achieving 3rd place for 2014 with 53 points. 2013 runner-up Nikolai Nahorniak, finished second again scoring 56 points. Timbo and Nikolai will be gunning to unseat Tyree in 2015. Jurell Bastidas finished fourth with 47 points. It seems that in our era, the top all-around players continue to outperform so many great athletes. But they also take the time to attend and show the rest of us their skills, much to our delight. All of our contestants can review their final standings by HERE.
Congratulations to the 2014 top finishers in the Grand National Series!

WPH 3-wallBall World handball championships – East Coast edges West Coast players at the highest level.




Photos by WPH

There is no doubt in anybody’s mind the best handball players reside on the East Coast, with most players residing in New York.

This is not the first time handball players from the east have shown superiority over their counterparts on the West Coast and probably won’t be the last time either.

In a tournament where most open “A” and Pro events are played on three short-wall courts, East Coast players dominated by winning six out of eleven events played at the highest level.

But how is it possible for New Yorkers to play and beat West Coast players in a game that is mostly played on the West Coast?

Handball players on the East Coast adapt easily to any handball version played with any ball on any handball court. This is the main reason for East Coast players to always excel whether at home or abroad.

Congratulations to all East Coast players for dominating the WPH event.



Will Paul Brady walk away with a tenth USHA 4-wall title in California? – No, according to Father-time.




Three of the best four-wall players of the game have nine singles titles to their names and that’s as close as they’ve gotten to all-time record holder, Naty Alvarado Sr., who has eleven titles.

As per the association website, Joe Platak, David Chapman and Paul Brady have nine titles each, but on June, 2015 only one player will have the rare opportunity to capture a tenth title.

Joe Platak ended his handball career in 1948, when he tried to win his tenth title, but got hurt during the event. He was 35 when he won his last title in 1945.

David Chapman paused his handball career after he suffered from severe dehydration at the 3-wall nationals in 2004. He was 35 when he won his last four-wall title in 2011.

Paul Brady had also paused his handball career due to injuries on his way to his ninth title. He’s currently 35 years old and plans on breaking away from the pack on June, 2015.

It seems that Father-time has prevented every champion of age 35 from winning a tenth singles title. Naty Alvarado Sr. is the only player who was spared by Father-time perhaps because he was only 31 when he captured his ninth title.

Good luck to Paul Brady.

USHA National 1-wall Championships – New Yorker, Tyree Bastidas makes distinction – as he remains undefeated in tiebreakers on historic run.





Photo by AHA

There is no doubt Tyree’s 1-wall handball skills are his weapon of choice when he’s on the court battling his way to retain his crown. One can take a game or two from Tyree, but don’t try to take him down in a tiebreaker. You‘ll be sorry you did!

In 2008 Tyree debuted at the 1-wall nationals in the men's open singles division when he was 17 and ever since then players have tried their best to take him to the tiebreaker with the hope of breaking him down. To date, they have all failed.

As of July 2015, Tyree Bastidas is considered the youngest player in the Association to have remained undefeated the longest in tiebreakers at the USHA 1-wall nationals.

He is also the youngest handball player in the Association to have captured his first national open singles title while remaining undefeated in tiebreakers the longest throughout the years among all players competing in  any handball code (1-, 3- & 4-wall).   

Royal Family visits King’s County – B”klyn’s 1-wall King, Tyree is out of town.




Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge visited the Big Apple in early December and although current 1-wall King “Tyree” was out of town, the Royal family had other royal places to visit in Brooklyn.

Indeed, there is plenty to do in King’s county http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brooklyn

The British royal family had the option to take a ride on Kings Highway  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kings_Highway_%28Brooklyn%29, one of Brooklyn’s main traffic arteries or could had done some of their royal personal shopping at the famous Kings Plaza Mall http://kingsplazaonline.com/About.

While in Brooklyn, The Royal family also had the option to watch a show at the Lowes Kings Theater http://www.kingstheatre.com/VIP, and if that wasn’t enough, they had an opportunity to walk to the famous Coney Island handball courts, where the best handball players have been crowned every year for more than half a century. http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/brooklyn/handball-mecca-coney-island-hosts-national-championship-tournament-article-1.1468845

Blending the Past and the Present



For The Record:

Tyree Bastidas is the only Irish junior national champion to have captured a 1-wall world open title in the men's singles division.