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 All eyes - and all cameras - were on Tyree Bastidas - Lights, Camera.....Action!

Tyree Bastidas in action as the cameras follow him around the courts at Coney Island handball courts.                                     

Photo courtesy of V. P. Pavarati.


As in other sports, players strive to become the best by competing against players with similar goals. Some players will play for the love and fun of the sport, others will compete to aspire to greatness.

This system takes into consideration the player’s handball abilities, accomplishments and their overall performance in all three codes of handball

All people in the handball community will find themselves EASILY in the group where they belong……REGARDLESS OF WHAT THEY THINK OF THEMSELVES AND REGARDLESS OF WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK OF THEM.


Average handball players:
Players of  average abilities, most players fall into this group.
These players never won a National title.
Their handball level of play was average.

Best Player to ever play handball:
All  players  in this group have won at least one National title but never won consistently more than two different handball codes.
All players in this group either never developed exceptional handball skills to win consistently all codes of handball, never bother to travel to compete, couldn't afford to travel or couldn't care less about mastering and winning all three handball versions, therefore they belong in this group.
Their handball level of play was their best in their time.

Greatest all around handball players:
Oscar Obert (Open), Vic Hershkowitz  (Open) and Tyree Bastidas (Junior)
These players are totally distinguished from the pack above because of their unusual  abilities  in one, three and four-wall handball codes. Their extraordinary handball skills helped them achieve outstanding merits by consistently winning the one-, three-,  and four-wall national Championships, thus becoming the only players to have accomplished such a feat. Their records speak for themselves.
They are the only players with unlimited handball abilities to have won and dominated in a convincing way all handball codes during their time.
Their talent, athleticism and remarkable handball skills brought their game to the highest level possible, thereby capturing the highest honors.


Albert Apuzzi:
  He’s won several National One-Wall Open Titles in singles and doubles events. He also won the Canadian National three-wall doubles division,and even though he is a one-wall record holder, he never won a four-wall National Title. Therefore he belongs in “The best players to ever play handball” group.

D. Chapman: He won several National three and four-wall Open Titles. He concentrated his game mostly in four-wall and three-wall. His handball skills mostly in three and four-wall versions did not let him excelled overall in all three handball versions. Therefore he belongs in “The best players to ever play handball” group.

Vern Roberts:
He was also an excellent handball player who won the three-, and four-wall national championships several times, He won several open doubles divisions in three-, and four-wall, but he also limited his winning to three-, and four-wall championships. Therefore he belongs in “The best players to ever play handball” group.

Joe Durso:
The one-wall national stand out and USHA record holder. He never won a three- or four-wall national championship, therefore he belongs in “The best players to ever play handball” group.

Tyree Bastidas: He distinguished himself from the rest because of his unusual  abilities  in one-, three-, and four-wall handball codes, which helped him achieved outstanding merits by winning more than forty USHA National 1-, 3- & 4-wall juniors and open (combined) titles as of December of 2015. His record speaks for itself.
He is the only junior player with unlimited remarkable handball skills to have won and dominated in a convincing way all handball versions during his time. His talent and combination of one-, three-, and four-wall handball skills brought his game to the highest level to achieve worldwide records and milestones.

In what group do you belong?