Handball player for life.

As in the past and as a teenager, Tyree Bastidas makes public his year to do list, where he posts his ambitious plans and dreams for the year.






I'm going to win the USHA challenger one wall 21-and-under division - accomplished

I'm going to win the USHA one wall juniors19-and-under division - accomplished

I'm going to win the USHA three wall juniors 19-and-under division - accomplished

I'm going to win the USHA three wall juniors 19-and-under doubles division - accomplished

I am going to win the one wall Open  or reach the finals - not accomplished.

Joe Durso and I, are going to win or reach the finals of the one wall Open doubles division at the Nationals. We will establish the record of the oldest and youngest players to win this Championship -accomplished.

I will win the USHA Three-Wall Regional Championship in the Open division - not accomplished.

This year I will try to reach at least the quarter finals of the open singles at the three-wall National Championships - not accomplished.

My partner, Marco Lemus and I, are going to win the doubles division at the three-wall National Championships. We’ll be the youngest team to accomplish this.I think? - not accomplished

I will try to win at least one event at the worlds in Portland - accomplished

I will try to win the Albany open again - accomplished

I want to win for the last time all handball codes in all Juniors Nationals in the same year - accomplished

I’ve been playing four-wall junior Nationals in the West and the Midwest for the past five years. This year, for the first and the last time in my four wall jr career I’ll be playing in my own home region” East”. I’m wondering if there are other players who have won in all three main Regions as jr players?

more to come.............




I’ll win the open Sabo Tournament - not accomplished

I'm going to win the Hall of Fame Handball tournament - accomplished

I'm going to slam the USHA Regionals four-wall championships - accomplished

I'll try to slam the USHA 21 & 23 Challenger one-wall tournament - accomplished

I’ll try to reach or win the finals of the 2010 Canadian National four-Wall championships - not accomplished

I'm going to slam the USHA one-wall juniors 19-and-under division - accomplished

I'm going to slam the USHA three-wall juniors 19-and-under division - accomplished

I am going to win the USHA National one-wall Open championships - accomplished

I’ll try to get at least to the quarter-finals in the USHA National four-wall championships - not accomplished

I will play and win with Joe Durso the USHA one-wall Open doubles division, only if he is on top shape - did not play with Joe

I will win the USHA Three-Wall Regional Championship in the Open division only if I get a fair seeding - did not attend

This year I will try to finish among the best eight players in the open singles at the USHA National three-wall Championships - accomplished 

I will try to win the Albany Open again - accomplished

This year I want to dedicate my last USHA National One-Wall Juniors Championships to Vic Hershkowitz. Vic Hershkowitz won nine consecutive single titles at the USHA National Three-Wall Championships. I’ll have nine consecutive single titles at the USHA National One-, Three-, and Four-Wall Juniors Championships, should I win.- accomplished

I would like to play at the Irish Nationals in the open division but first I’ll need to get a sponsor.

More to come………

Tyree Bastidas will answer your question this month.




The answers on Tyree's corner do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Tyree Bastidas.


Why don't some people from the handball community think you deserve to be crowned as the greatest "All Around" junior player? Dave Vincent, president, and founder of the WPH handball org informed and confirmed to everybody that you are the greatest ”All around” junior player.


Handball is not different from any other sport when crowning the greatest “All around” junior player.

There is a small number of handball players on the message boards who do not agree with me being crowned “The greatest All around” junior player and it is understandable. They are not ready to accept me as the new kid on the block because they never thought a one-wall junior player could actually get this honor…. that is right, a one-Wall junior player.

For these people in the handball community it is hard to accept the idea that handball it is not just about four-wall junior players making history.  There are a lot of kids out there who play one-, and three-wall who are as good as any four-wall junior player.

Ever since D. Chapman won the Nationals at seventeen, they think D. Chapman should be considered "the greatest All around” junior player.  If we use their logic then we will have to call every other teenager who won a national title also the greatest "All around” junior player.

It’s unfortunate that D. Chapman limited his handball skills to only three-, and four-wall handball versions. His poor choice to limit his play only to three-. and four-wall codes limited his potential to become a complete all around player like T. Bastidas, thereby limiting his goals and accomplishments.

Success does not come easy nowdays, success is very measurable in sports. The presence of score-boards and standings makes it so. Who wins and loses, who wins championships.

Tyree Bastidas’ decision to master all phases of handball and to capture the most National Championships at a worldwide level is evidence of a junior player who was aiming at the highest honors.

Using an example as Mr “tonloc” used at the WPH message board, it is going to be demonstrated in the sport of swimming the same situation happening in the sport of handball today. This time we are going to use real people with real names as opposed to the  Mr "tonloc"example, so bear with me.

D. Chapman = the best freestyle swimming champion from the 1990’s. He devoted his entire swimming career mastering the freestyle version in swimming.

Michael Phelps= the best freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly swimmer champion from the 2000’s. He devoted all his life mastering all swimming versions.

Who would be the greatest swimmer? Who would be the greatest all around swimmer? Who would be the most complete swimmer?..............................of course, Michael Phelps.

Some people in the MB need to understand that mastering and winning all handball codes is not an easy task, otherwise there would be plenty of these players around the courts. These players with special skills and special talents do not come around any sport too often.

Historically a players record speaks for itself, where accomplishments, titles, records and honors are listed as facts of life. Twisting or ignoring the facts of life to justify your own personal end results is a very desperate choice. These people are entitled to twist the facts of life, they are even entitled to ignore the facts of life, but they can’t argue with them.

Mr. Applejack’s point of view is very interesting too. He pointed out the same situation we have in handball today by using another sport, the sport of Tennis: “All sports measure the greatest players by the number of titles they accumulate. Some argue Rafa Nadal is currently the best tennis player, but history will crown Roger Federer simply because he has amassed a great number of titles”

I don’t know who Mr. Applejack is, but he appears to be from Ireland and therefore I take his point of view very serious and more impartial, and it only confirms what Dave Vincent has been telling the handball community all along. “What makes Tyree special is All of the awards in All different forms in practically every junior age division: Worlds, American, Canadian, 4, 3, 1, big and small, doubles and singles. Tyree is the most decorated in the history of handball and may have more major titles than anyone”.

I also believes that handball is not different than any other sport and we should all follow the universal standards the rest of the sports follow when crowning its greatest “All around” junior players.

Thanks to the people who believe I deserved this honor and thanks for their words of encouragement. I’ll keep working harder than ever to live up to this honor vested on me by D. Vincent, president of the WPH, by people as far as Ireland and by my fans from my hometown NY.

As for the few people who don’t think I deserved this honor. I’m sorry to disappoint them with my accomplishments, and I’m sorry if I did not play up to their personal expectations.

With all this said, I could only echo what Dave Vincent has been reminding the handball community since the beginning:

The greatest “All around” junior player as defined by the number of Nationals and World Championships, is Tyree Bastidas. Period

.....and as the Irish community says It is Tyree's time

 Got to go, next stop California. Let’s go NY.


The junior divisions in the late 1970's to the early 1990's were much tougher than in the past 15 or so years. I remember the draw in my first year of 19 and under at the USHA nationals had John Bike, Duxie Walsh, Eric Klarman, and Randy Marones as the top 4 seeds. The 19 and under has not been close to that level of talent yet. All 4 players were already pro level players.
Tyree's accomplishments have been outstanding. But at least in 4 wall, if he was 20 years older, he would not have won near the number of titles.
                                R. Pearse



Here's a story to illustrate Rob's point about the Dec. 1985 Junior Tournament.
Either Duxie or I wasn't seeded in the top 4. We played in the quarters. I lost a close tiebreaker. I think Duxie went on to beat Mike McDonald in the Semi, and Randy in the final. Randy was only 15 or 16 years old at the time.3 weeks later, I qualified for the Atlanta Pro Stop, beat Hofflander and Monreal, then lost to Paredes and Sabo to finish 4th.
  Are there any current 19 and under quarter finalists ready to make the semifinal of a Pro Stop?”
                                  J. Bike

The USHA site was checked out to find out how Mr R. Pearse and J. Bike performed as junior handball players, and it was revealed they have never won a junior national title in their junior careers, but they believe they are in an envy position to convince the handball community with these wild claims, that the junior players of their time were better players than the current junior players.

To Mr R. Pearse:

Mr R. Pearse’s attempt to diminish the quality level of the current teenager players around the world and to portray T. Bastidas as a player who would not have won half  near the number of titles, is an internet game that players from previous generations like to play. Games of what if… or who can have beaten him if only they were in the draw are the most popular games to portray themselves as better players than the current players.
The 19 and under divisions of at least the past eight years, have seen the rise of S. Lenning, A. Garner, L. Moreno, E. Peixoto, A. Ortiz, R. McCarthy and T. Bastidas. They also qualified  for the pro tour as teenagers and are currently the best young Open players.
Not winning a junior title as a teenager seems to be at least part of the source of Mr R. Pearse’s anger, but poor performance was likely a factor as well. Indeed, it may be a sign of just how frustrated he is.
Whatever the case, this is hardly acceptable behavior from a former regional representative. Perhaps he’ll be better off using positive energy toward junior players in his area, instead of wasting his time being critical of them.

To Mr J. Bike:

Semifinals?…....Mr J. Bike, a "four-wall player", reached the semifinals of a Pro Stop when he was 19 years old on the eve of his 20th birthday. T. Bastidas, a "one-wall player" reached the semifinals of the Four-Wall Boston Open Pro Stop in 2009 when he was 18.  Mr J. Bike, already notorious for his tough rhetoric, apparently is so incensed to the fact that Bastidas, a junior one-wall player from New York, and from the current young handball generation, was named the greatest "All around junior player". He seems to resent the fact that a player from his time wasn’t named for it. The timing of his challenging question couldn’t be better.
Mr J. Bike, also seems to keep forgetting that Bastidas reached the finals of the Mayor’s Cup when he was only 17, and he did so by playing against the best one-wall players of the world.


Perhaps Mr J. Bike should' have used a better comparison way to find out how good Tyree Bastidas really fares next to junior players from his time.
One way could have been by comparing himself to T. Bastidas and asking himself the following two questions.
1.- It took me 27 years while at my prime to reach the final of the one-wall championship and play Joe Durso, the best one wall player in the world! Why did Tyree Bastidas take only 17 years?
2.- Joe Durso blew me away in two games, How did Tyree Bastidas managed to force a tiebreaker on Satish Jagnandan, the current best one-wall player in the world?
These two bizarre statements from these two players from the past only confirm that most junior players like them (1980-1985) could not win a junior National title in either one-,three-, and four-wall-championships but they could easily qualify as pro level players.
Perhaps if  R. Pearse or J. Bike would’ve competed in one-, and three-wall championships as teenagers maybe they would’ve added a junior national title to their poor USHA junior handball record and maybe, and only maybe they would have learned and appreciated how hard is to win all handball codes consistently.
“When you have to stand there and see the other guy hold up the plate, that is a feeling you don’t like. You hope those things help you grow.”
If they were indeed excellent four-wall teenager players and couldn’t win a junior title in their own game, the least they could have said was: "wow! Tyree Bastidas really is a great junior player, winning 1-, 3-, and 4-wall titles worldwide”, instead they chose to discredit him along with the current junior players around the world by pointing out his faults and losing games.

Mr R. Pearse and J. Bike have allowed themselves to dream a little dream by playing internet games in their virtual world. I’m sorry to burst you bubble guys, but sometimes you have to stop playing internet games and face reality.
Please do not feel like I’m bashing the past generations, but I won’t allow you to do it to mine either. Give us some respect and understand that handball players greatness is to know that any champion of any given era could be a threat to any other champion in any other era.


To Tyree & all of his fans.

I know you are the best junior player with the small ball on 1, 3 & 4 walls.
I do respect and admire you for your great efforts.
I'm not against you now or ever. I wish there were many more like you, so you'll have more competition and the handball world will be much better.

The questions is; do you think you can beat an 18 years old kid with the big ball, in 3 or 4-walls ?


Hi Mr L. Gaytan.

Thanks for the comments and thanks for the question.
Yes, I could beat an 18-year old with the big ball.
I always wanted to play with the big ball in 3 or 4-wall courts, but we don’t  have tournaments for it.
I always play with the big ball in 4-wall courts after my training session. The same for 3-wall. It’s really fun and I enjoy it as much as with the small ball.
I wish we have big ball tournaments in three-, and four-wall courts. It could be very addicting to the young kids ( I know I was ) and a good way to get them started on handball so that later on they could have a choice of their own. Chances are they'll stick with both balls. I’ll probably be back in California the week after the One-wall Nationals in NY. I'll practice three-wall in Venice beach, and I'll play a big ball three-wall match, which is something I haven’t done as a junior and it'll be good to see how I fare in this game. As for the four-wall game I’ll have to check if I have time to set up this game since I might be running a tight schedule of events that could take me into Arizona playing exhibitions games along the road.
If you are thinking on doing a 3-wall championship with the big ball I would love to play in it but I can’t guarantee you I’ll play in it because of my busy handball schedule. With the 3-wall Nationals in September and the Worlds handball Championships in October, it’s going to be difficult for me to attend. I have handball events that are not even  listed on my schedule….but I’ll try my best to go to your tourney. 


I think continuing to play in junior events is holding Tyree back in 4-wall.  With his current ability I would like to see him going to more 4-wall pro tournaments.  He is very close to breaking in.  I think he is wasting his time pounding players that are not even close to him. 

                                                              D. Chapman

Tyree Bastidas has been attending four-wall pro tournaments, but he can’t attend every single one, since he needs to practice and attend one-, and three-wall events too. He is the only junior player in the U.S. who participate in all National Championships at the Open level. To suggest that Tyree isn’t playing enough four-wall pro tournaments is to suggest he isn’t really trying hard enough. To further suggest that Bastidas is wasting his time pounding players that are not even close to him is to use a double standard on him.
Bastidas has been trying to go to the west coast to play in the USHA Southwest and Northwest Regional four-wall Championships to improve his game, but USHA rules and regulations prohibit him from competing in these tournaments because he does not live in these regions. According to the Official UHSA Handball Rule Book, it clearly states “Players may play only in the regional tournament for the region in which they live”
Bastidas has followed these rules for the past years and has decided not to participate in these championships out of respect for USHA rules.
Recently,  Emmett Peixoto, a resident of California and the current three-wall National Champion  decided to play in the 2009 USHA Northeast three-wall Regional Championship in violation of USHA rules. D. Chapman, E. Peixoto's doubles partner didn’t criticize him for it. Furthermore, Mr E. Peixoto found amusement to play against players below his level of play and in the end he got a kick out by pounding and crushing the local champion. Again, D. Chapman didn’t step in to criticize him for it.
D. Chapman’s criticism and double standard towards Tyree Bastidas is a very unfair treatment and approach towards the only junior player in the world who has been playing all handball codes across the continent all year round.
T. Bastidas, a junior one-wall player has gotten  used to this unfair criticism and double standard practice coming from outside New York.


What has Tyree Bastidas brought to the handball community? Does he at least have his own shots?


Tyree's success at every version of handball is due to his hard work and determination to be the best. Bastidas' games have brought joy and hope to the handball community across the continent.

Despite the great success that has helped elevate T. Bastidas to be the best USHA junior player, his shots has been often overlooked.

T. Bastidas, unlike other players, does not claim to have created or invented new shots. He uses the same shots as everybody else and only incorporates into his game shots those that he likes and thinks he can improve and use to his own advantage. He has clearly stated in his 2007 interview “If I like a shot, I’ll put it into my game,” Bastidas says. He has built his impressive handball record by using some of these shots he has worked hard for.

Recently D. Chapman was quoted saying:

"I mentioned that the pros get better over time.  I never said the juniors get better. Tyree does have some shots I have not seen in handball before though. I like his punch power fist to the ceiling that hits the sidewall and does not come off the back-wall". 

One would think top players have seen it all during their entire handball careers. In fact, only top Players like D. Chapman could actually appreciate and notice Tyree's special shots.

Another top player, D. Fink, also noticed Tyree's special shots at the 2009 Boston Open Pro Stop and he could be heard talking about it in the following clip, where coincidentally, Canadian perennial champion, Danny Bell, struggles to return Tyree's shots as described above by D. Chapman. http://s772.photobucket.com/albums/yy8/tyreebastidas/2009BOSTONOPENTYREEWEIRDSHOT/?action=view&current=VTS_01_2-1.flv

Tyree Bastidas  also has special shots tailored to his style for the three-wall game, as stated on the 2007 USHA magazine.

He certainly has other shots for the one-wall game, where he's used them to get the lead in the junior and Open championships.



I am looking at this draw and i don’t think it is that much different in player strength than kc 3 fireball classic. A lot of the same players and some notable exceptions (Peixoto, Garner, Little, Mehilos). That tourney should be more heavily weighted than one that took place 12 months ago especially when the quality of the field is so close (if not better in KC). Maybe the USHA doesn’t know our results yet as it seemed they acted like it didn’t even take place.  Nett is the biggest mistake to me. How is that you beat a top 5 player in the world(Garner), and supposed top 5 outdoor player(Dane) 2 months ago and get seeded 10th?. I know Tyree is good but seeding him ahead of Nahorniak, Nett, Ruiz is bad. I guess they put the 3 wall junior nationals results in play over a very well attended pro stop in KC, because what has he done to get this seeding(lost in round of 16 last year, now a 6 seed this year??)? This seeding clearly says to me that the USHA gave no thought to the tournament in KC and are clearly irritated that we were able to draw just as good as them or better for our tourney than they could for their national tourney so they are going to pretend it didn’t happen.                             

                                A board member AKA Tonloc from the KC area


There have been a lot of questions about the seeding done by the USHA in recent tournaments, and as much as some people would like to prove the USHA wrong, in the end, the USHA always prove them wrong.

Last year, at the USHA 3-wall junior nationals, Fergal Collins from Ireland was seeded No. 2 and many people questioned his seeding. In the end, he ended up in the finals facing No. 1 Tyree Bastidas.

This year, at the USHA 3-wall junior nationals, S. Cooney from Ireland was seeded No. 2, and again, some people questioned his seeding. In the end, he ended up in the finals facing No.1 Tyree Bastidas.

This year, some people in KC were not happy with the 2010 USHA National 3-wall seeding, including Tyree ’seeding. Again, the USHA proved them wrong as Tyree advanced to the championship match after defeating Luis Moreno, the winner of the KC 3 fireball classic.

Please keep in mind, the seeding process is not as easy as it looks or as easy as we want it to be. There is more going on behind the scene when doing a seeding. The USHA, the governing body of our sport is the more qualified entity to work in this complex seeding process.



Just curious but why didn’t Tyree come to KC?? He is traveling all over the country for tourneys but doesn’t come to one in the middle of the country with the most prize money in a form of handball he obviously has some serious skill in? That would have answered a lot of our questions we are having now.                                                                       A message board member AKA Tonloc from the KC area


Tyree didn’t come to the KC because he had other commitments. Just because a tournament offers the most prize money it doesn’t mean is the best tournament in terms of strength and/or hospitality.

Tyree's results at the 2010 USHA National 3-wall Open Championship   should have answered all the questions you are having now. If you didn’t see it coming then you have been underestimating Tyree’s handball abilities at the Open level.






The handball courts are clearly visible  in the following site



Because 2010 will be my last year playing as a junior, I would like to invite any junior player from around the world to come to my last USHA National one-wall juniors Championships in New York.

I've traveled all over to play and challenge other juniors around the world. Now it's time for other juniors to come and challenge me in my hometown. All they have to do is come to New York and play in the USHA one-wall juniors championships.

I’ll pick them up and drop them off at the airport. They won’t have to worry about room and board as they will stay with my family.

Depending on the requests I could take three players or maybe even five. They can request to come to the one-wall tournament at the email address posted in my bio page. The invitation is open to any junior just for the asking.


Because of the great amount of pictures and videos at the 2009 USHA four-wall  juniors championships. I'll be start posting them after the second week of March 2010.

All pics from the 2009 USHA National jrs 4-wall championships are posted.


Tyree will not play at the USHA 1-wall Collegiate. He didn't play in it this year. He wants to give a chance to other good players who never had a chance when they ran into him in the draws


Tyree will attend and compete at the 2010 World 3-wall Championships in Las Vegas in September 2010, but because of his injured hand he doesn't know if he is going to be ready for it. If worst come to worst he'll play just for the fun of it. We're sorry for the high expectations many people had on him at this tournament.



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Tyree’s camp.


Thanks to Deidre Mansfield, her husband Richard and their son Keith for letting me stay at their house as I played in the Irish Nationals in 2008.They also went to pick me up and drop me off at the airport.


Thanks to Scot Symon, tournament director of the Bob Symon handball tournament in Joseph, MO, who made sure a I got a ride to and from the airport,waived my entry fee and got a hotel room for me. I couldn't get a better treatment. Thanks a million: 



Thanks to Roy and Kris and David Doucette from Alberta Canada for sharing  pictures of me  from the Four Wall Junior Nationals in Washington, Vancouver.


Thanks to Sal Galvan from the Venice  beach area for taking me to the airport at night. Sal patiently  waited for me at the handball courts while I practiced my ceiling shots after the tourney.


Thanks to Michael Trowbride, the PSAL women handball commissioner, who is always giving me copies of my games for me to watch  and learn from my mistakes.


Also, thanks to everybody else who shares pics with me to build my web-site.


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Courtney Peixoto - Arizona

Humberto Perez - New York

Thanks: Tyree Bastidas and Amy Li.

Thanks to everyone at the 2009 USHA four-wall jrs championships who made me feel comfortable during the tournament, the best four-wall tournament I've attended.

Thanks to Jonathan Lee for sponsoring me and my brother Jurell to some tournaments too.

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