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1995 USHA National One-Wall Championships





Eddie Maisonet takes out John Bike in the quarters, Paul Williams in the semis and Robert Sostre in the final to garner the open singles championship.

Sostre, a paddleball champ, advances with a 21-20, 13-21, 11-10 win over defending champ Joe Durso in the semis.

Maisonet defends his open doubles crown with Williams by defeating Bike/Ken Ginty, who had beaten Tony Roberts/Dave Rojas and Al Torres/Sostre.

The women’s singles goes to Dee Stringfield with wins over Barbara Canton-Jackson in the semis. Smith gets a measure of revenge as she and Stringfield win the women’s doubles, defeating Ten/Canton-Jackson.


This event took place at Coney Island in Brooklyn

1996 USHA National One-Wall Championships





This year sees an invasion of those who demonstrate that, as opposed to some of their predecessors, their skills are readily transferable to one-wall. Although not making it past the first round of the open singles, John Bike and reigning four-wall champ David Chapman acquit themselves well against formidable one-wallers. However, Naty Alvarado Jr, and Tati Silveyra, whose only previous one-wall experience was on a makeshift court in California where Howie Eisenberg shared some of the rudiments of the game with them, reach the semis. Alvarado’s serves and Silveyra’s power combined with their ambidextrous off hands devastate opponents until confronted by Eddie Maisonet and Joe Durso, respectively. Both one-wallers need to employ all their wiles to get by their talented opponents. Maisonet goes on to defend his championship by outscoring Durso in the final. Silveyra is not through as he pairs with the 57-year-old Eisenberg to push two-time defending open doubles champs Maisonet/Paul Williams to a 21-20 squeaker after trailing 17-5. Silveyra thrills the crowd with awesome power and leaping, diving retrieves and rekills. In the final, Maisonet/Williams meet Al Torres/Robert Sostre, who end their streak in decisive fashion fueled by the hooks and shot-making of Torres and the speed and steadiness of Sostre.

Karen McConney defeats Sydell Smith in the women’s singles, and Dori Ten/Barbara Canton-Jackson win the women’s doubles by besting McConney/Adrian Floyd.


This event took place at Coney Island in Brooklyn

1997 USHA National One-Wall Championships





Robert Sostre reaches the pinnacle of the one-wall world by holding Naty Alvarado Jr. to 11 points in each game and then stopping Kendell Lewis. Lewis has beaten Tati Silveyra by resorting to the same overhand angle serve to the left that had been successful for Joe Durso against the ambidextrous powerhouse the year before.

In the open doubles, Alvarado/Vice Munoz, who had taken a game from Cesar Sala in the open singles, lose 11-10 in the third to Eddie Maisonet/Paul Williams, who in turn are defeated by Tony Roberts/Dave Rojas 11-7 in a three-game final.

Dori Ten tops Barbara Canton-Jackson in the women’s singles and slams with her by beating Karen McConney/Adrian Floyd.


This event took place at Coney Island in Brooklyn 

1998 USHA National One-Wall Championships





Eddie Maisonet returns to the championship parade, winning his third open singles title with a dominant victory over Al Torres. Torres had previously given a one-wall baptism of fire to Randy Morones, overcoming a 30-year disparity in age to the four-wall prodigy.

In a battle of champions, Tony Roberts/Dave Rojas successfully defend their open doubles title against Torres/Robert Sostre.

Women’s four-wall champ Lisa Fraser tries her hand at one-wall but cannot best Sydell Smith in the semis. Smith falls a point short against Karen McConney in a tiebreaker for the women’s singles title. McConney then slams with Adrian Floyd, beating Dori Ten/Barbara Canton-Jackson.


This event took place at Coney Island in Brooklyn 

1999 USHA National One-Wall Championships




The 40th and final one-wall nationals of the 20th Century, celebrates the new while honoring the old.

Joe Kaplan wins his first national championship by taking the open singles, and veterans Eddie Maisonet/Paul Williams regain the open doubles diadem. Kaplan marches to the final with wins over seniors champ Dave Rojas and 97 finalist Kendell Lewis.

In the other bracket, 44-year-old Joe Durso advances with wins over Canadian four-wall great Danny Bell, doubles champ Tony Roberts and future champ Cesar Sala. Kaplan wins the championship against his aging but still very potent foe with n 11-7 third game victory despite being outscored 44-41 in total points in the match.

The open doubles final is a reversal of fortune for Kaplan/Sala, who lose to Maisonet/Williams after beating defending champs Roberts/Rojas in the semis.

Defying precedent, Priscilla Shumate becomes only the second four-wall champ to win a national open one-wall tournament, emulating Rosemary Bellini. No woman has ever hit serves as hard and low as Shumate, who dominates in a 21-4 second-game win over 98 champ Karen McConney after taking the first and leaves little question of who is the best female handball player on the planet with a 21-9, 21-16 victory over future star Tracy Davis.

McConney/Adrian Floyd take the women’s doubles by beating Dori Ten/Barbara Canton-Jackson.


This event took place at Coney Island in Brooklyn